Acerola cherry

What are the health benefits of eating acerola in daily life?


Acerola cherry is the fruit of M. emarginata of the genus Malpighia of the family Malpighiaceae. Rich in vitamin C, and its unique anti-aging factor (SOD) – superoxide dismutase.

Acerola cherry is the third highest vitamin C content in planting plants, with a vitamin C content of 1677mg/100g. Acerola cherry in the green fruit stage, one fruit is equivalent to the sum of the vitamin C content of 5 oranges.

Bioavailability of vitamin P, absorption and effect far exceed other sources of vitamin C. Second only to Kakadu plum and camu fruit, it is 31 times that of lemon, 27 times that of strawberry, 18 times that of kiwi, and 7 times that of guava, which is considered to be extremely high in vitamin C.

It also contains vitamin A, E, P, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, iron, calcium and other elements, protein and various minerals and trace elements necessary for the human body. It has certain effects in beauty and cancer. It has a wide range of applications in health care, beverages and beauty.

The benefits of uninterrupted consumption in daily life for the body:

  1. Anti-aging factor (SOD) – rich in superoxide dismutase, it is the best cosmetic product for women who need to lighten spots, whiten, improve skin tone and skin texture. It has a certain protective effect on frequent smokers and drinkers.
  2. Because it contains vitamin A, E, P, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, iron, calcium and other elements, protein and a variety of minerals and trace elements necessary for the human body, it is not suitable for women who have an unbalanced diet, insufficient intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, or who are on a diet to lose weight. , Pregnant women, lactating women and women who take birth control pills are also preferred snacks.
  3. Vitamin C is an indispensable and important ingredient for maintaining human life, preventing scurvy, improving human resistance, and preventing scurvy.

Those who are prone to colds, need to improve their immunity, and those who often inflame and bleed gums have a better effect.

Preface Scientific research results:

Acerola cherries Contain three natural products of norfriedelins (named Norfriedelins AC) with novel structures. The main structural feature is that A is decarboxylated after epoxidative ring opening, and loses 1 carbon, 2 carbons, and 3 carbons of nortriterpenes respectively.

Compound 1 forms a unique four-membered ring lactone, and compound 2 forms a five-membered ring lactone. Ring-membered lactone. Norfriedelins A and B, with novel structures of lactone cyclic ketones, showed the activity of inhibiting acetylcholinesterase (Acetylcholinesterase) with IC50 of 10.3 and 28.7 μM, respectively, indicating that acerola is not only the “king of natural vitamin C”, but also has preventive effects Alzheimer’s and other aspects of health care. (Source)

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