What are the benefits of cupping


Cupping uses a can as a tool, and uses methods such as burning and squeezing to remove the air in the can, resulting in negative pressure, so that the can adsorb on the body surface and generate extensive stimulation, resulting in local congestion or blood stasis. So as to achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases and strengthening the body. So do you know the benefits of cupping.

The benefits of cupping are:

  1. Release scars and fascial adhesions.
  2. Reduce painful trigger points.
  3. Can clear the meridians and activate collaterals,
  4. Reduce swelling
  5. Invigorate qi and activate blood,
  6. Dispel wind and dispel cold,
  7. Relieving pain,
  8. dispelling cold,
  9. dehumidification,
  10. promoting blood circulation and promoting QI,
  11. Removing toxins.

Does cupping detox your body

Cupping is very suitable for patients with severe dampness and coldness, and has a good effect on body. In addition, there is no such thing as “detoxification”. so cupping naturally cannot be described as detox “detoxification”. After cupping, there will be congestion on the skin, which is caused by the rupture of the capillaries under the skin due to the negative pressure and changes in cold and heat. From another point of view, cupping has the effect of speeding up cell metabolism. The right question to ask, is cupping healthy for the body. Definitely the answer will be Yes.

What parts of the body can you use cupping?

Choose the right part Many knowledge points about cupping need to be mastered clearly, such as where is the most appropriate part to choose when cupping. Many people don’t care and think that all parts of the body can be cupped, but they don’t know that some parts of the skin are more sensitive and fragile, which will cause adverse symptoms after cupping.

Generally, cupping will choose the back, and cupping will be alternated in different parts. Do not repeat the same part of the back to avoid obvious irritation to the skin.

Can you do cupping by yourself

Not everyone can cupping people who want to maintain health should choose the right method. Although cupping is good, some people use cupping to improve the adverse symptoms of the body, but not everyone can adjust it in this way. Only when conditions are met can they go to cupping. Some people don’t pay attention to this problem.

If you have Because it is necessary to contact human skin during the process, if there are local lesions, the capillaries of the skin will rupture and bleed due to the influence of the internal and external pressure difference during cupping, and repeated stimulation may aggravate adverse reactions.

Not frequent cupping

Cupping should not be carried out frequently, usually once every three months or more. Some people feel tired and their body is in a sub-healthy state. After cupping, it can promote local blood circulation and improve the situation of excessive humidity. Good regulation of the body, so as to stay away from disease.

Can cupping hurt you

No, Cupping will not hurt the body, Normal and reasonable use will not harm the body

When cupping, the medcine choose the appropriate body position and the part with full muscles, and the appropriate size tank according to the size of the area to be pulled. Care should be taken to avoid burns.

How long should you wait between cupping sessions

This is not clearly specified. Generally, it is once a week, at most twice a week, and no more. Although cupping is good, it cannot be done every day, because the body of the person who cups every day will be very weak. In fact, the best time interval for cupping is once every two weeks, and wait for the last impression to disappear completely before pulling a second time.

  Of course, these are not absolute. Some people have different physical constitutions, and the recovery time for the marks left after cupping is also different. Some people may have a short recovery time, and some people may have a longer recovery time. But no matter the length, if you really want to do cupping, then you can arrange the time according to your own conditions. It does not necessarily take more than half a month before you can pull the second time, but 10 days is fine. It all depends on your own skin recovery speed. .

Where should you not do cupping

A. Common carotid artery – located on either side of the neck

B. Axillary artery – located in the armpit

C. Brachial artery – located inside the bend of the elbow

D. Femoral artery – located in the groin area or the inner crease of each leg at the pelvis

E. Linea Alba – located at the connection of the muscles of the abdomen

F. Temporal region – avoid using strong suction in the temporal region as the temporal artery and facial nerves are in this area and are extremely delicate

G. Popliteal artery – located behind the knee

H. Kidneys – Cupping should be done minimally when directly over the kidneys

what are the side effects of cupping

Cupping Side Effects are :

1. It is easy to cause infection at the cupping site

Because the process of cupping is a process of local skin congestion and capillary rupture through negative pressure, which is prone to blisters and ruptures, leading to bacterial infection.

2. It is prone to colds and other conditions.

After cupping, the body is relatively weak, and various immune organs of the human body are in the adjustment process. At this stage, it is easy to catch colds and viruses and bacterial infections.

3. It is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Which are more common in the elderly. The weak elderly can easily change the blood circulation in the body after cupping, which is a hidden danger for heart disease and stroke.

4. Damage to the skin and muscles,

The cupping will cause subcutaneous muscle relaxation, which is not conducive to recovery.

Can I use the air conditioner after cupping?

The air conditioner can only be turned on after three hours of cupping, and the air conditioner cannot be turned on immediately after cupping, because the pores of the skin are in an open state and continue to detoxify after cupping. If it happens, it will take at least three hours before you can blow the air conditioner, which can prevent rheumatic diseases caused by moisture entering the body. In addition, after cupping, you should avoid windy places, never touch water, pay attention to keeping your body warm, drink more water, and put a humidifier in the room you live in.

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