Pregnant women recipes

Pregnant women recipes recommend several delicious recipes


During pregnancy, women need to pay attention to all aspects of health care. Among them, dietary health care is the most important thing. Sufficient nutrition should be supplemented through diet to provide nutritional needs for expectant mothers and fetuses. However, there are also many taboos in pregnant women’s diets, such as those spicy and irritating. Sexual foods must be avoided. At this time, the recipes must be light. Therefore, here are a few light recipes that are very suitable for pregnant women to eat.

What are the taboos of light nutrition recipes for pregnant women

  Taboos of Pregnant Women’s Recipes

  1. Pregnant women cannot eat raw beans and raw soy milk. Undercooked beans such as green beans, lentils, and kidney beans may cause moderate exposure. Undercooked raw soy milk contains toxic ingredients and can also cause food poisoning. .

  2. Although crabs and soft-shelled turtles are delicious, such foods are cold in nature and have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which is not good for pregnant women and fetuses, and pregnant women should not eat them.

  3. Purslane and barley are smooth, which will promote uterine contractions, so it is easy to cause miscarriage. Pregnant women should eat them carefully.

  4. Seasonings such as pepper, prickly ash, star anise, and cinnamon will stimulate the stomach and are hot seasonings, which can easily cause intestinal dryness and constipation. Pregnant women should eat less.

  5. Both apricots and almonds are hot foods, which are easy to cause anger. Pregnant women should eat less when the fetal heat is heavier during pregnancy.

  What should pregnant women eat for three meals?

  Breakfast is very important to maintain the state of the whole day. If pregnant women want to be full of energy, they should eat more fiber-rich whole-grain foods for breakfast, paired with protein foods, you can eat whole-grain bread, with milk eggs or cucumbers, tomatoes. Since high GI foods such as refined white bread can quickly increase blood sugar, and the body releases insulin to lower blood sugar, eating two slices of white bread can make people feel tired quickly.

  It is not advisable to eat too much starchy food for lunch, as it is easy to feel sleepy. You should eat more vegetables and fruits, supplement vitamins, and help digest the remaining carbohydrates and amino acids in the morning. You should also eat more fish and meat to replenish energy.

  Dinner should not be too greasy, the simpler the better, so as not to prolong the digestion time and affect the quality of sleep. Foods such as beans and onions are gas-producing foods, which will make the stomach bloated and make people feel uncomfortable. Drinks and foods such as caffeine can stimulate the nerves. System, spicy food can cause stomach upset and interfere with sleep.

​Pregnant women recipes recommend several delicious recipes

  1. Sweet lotus root with glutinous rice

  Ingredients: 1 dried lotus leaf, 150 grams of glutinous rice, 3 knots of lotus root, 150 grams of sugar, appropriate amount of green plum


  1. Wash lotus root and cut off one end, about 2 or 3 cm;
  2. Clean the glutinous rice and put it into each lotus root. After sticking the chopsticks firmly, connect the lotus root joints with bamboo skewers;
  3. Add water to the pot, then bring to a boil, put the lotus root in it and cover it with lotus leaves, cook for about 40 minutes and then take it out;
  4. Add clean water to the wok, add sugar, turn on the fire, boil it into sugar juice, and cut the green plums into small pieces;
  5. Scrape off the lotus root skin, cut the lotus root into slices, put it on a plate, pour honey juice, sprinkle with green plums and serve.

  This dish tastes sweet and fragrant, sticky but not greasy, especially suitable for you who have indigestion and poor appetite in early pregnancy.

  2. Pork ribs and corn soup

  Materials: 150 grams of pork ribs, 1 corn, ginger and salt to taste.


  1. Clean the spare ribs, put them in a pot and add water to boil, after the water boils, cut the ginger into slices, put them in the soup and cook together;
  2. Clean the corn, cut it into small pieces, then put the corn into the boiled pork ribs soup and cook together;
  3. After the fire is boiled, simmer for another 30 minutes;
  4. Add some salt to taste.

  Ribs are high in calcium, which is good for fetal bone and brain development.

  In addition, chicken nuggets, shrimp, and fish have different nutrients during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can customize recipes according to their own tastes, whether it is fried or boiled in soup!

Diet mistakes during pregnancy

1. If you eat raw and cold food during pregnancy, will the baby’s trachea be bad?

  The answer is wrong. Raw and cold food has nothing to do with the development of the baby’s trachea. The quality of the baby’s trachea during pregnancy is not absolutely related to the mother’s diet during pregnancy, and raw and cold food will not directly reduce the temperature of the uterus, or even directly affect the situation of the fetus.

2. Can pregnant mothers eat spicy hot pot?

  The answer is right. A small amount of ingestion is based on the principle of not irritating the stomach. Regarding whether pregnant mothers can eat spicy food, for the fetus, pregnant mothers have the function of screening and filtering foreign food. Unless excessive spicy food is consumed, it will not be easy for the fetus. cause an impact.

3. Will mummy drinking vinegar during pregnancy change the physique and cause miscarriage or teratogenesis?

  The answer is wrong. Drinking vinegar does not cause miscarriage or birth defects.

Best Maternity Recipes Soups

  Attention should be paid to the question of recipe soup for pregnant women. The answer to this question about recipe soup for pregnant women is as follows: The health care recipe for pregnant women also has coconut soup, just like pigeon soup with coconut meat. (Dry) 25g pork (skinny) 50g candied dates 10g Seasoning: 10g brown sugar Production method 1. Remove the black skin of the coconut, cut the coconut meat into small pieces; raise the white fungus with water, wash it, and tear it into small pieces .Boil both in boiling water for 5 minutes; slaughter the pigeons, wash them, and scald them in boiling water. 2. Add an appropriate amount of boiling water to the pot, add all the ingredients, bring to a boil, and simmer for about 3 hours on low heat, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar That’s it. The health tips for expectant mothers in the early stage of pregnancy suggest that this soup has the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening muscles and bones, nourishing blood and soothing miscarriage.

  The effect of this recipe of garlic fish head soup: clearing away heat and purging fire, strengthening the spleen and removing dampness, invigorating the brain and nourishing the marrow, refreshing the mind and improving the mind. Pregnant women often eat fat head fish can promote the development of the fetal brain. The food in the pot is mixed with some such as wolfberry, ginkgo, etc. Yes, there are some nutritious foods that are beneficial to pregnant women.

  Soup is nutritious and easy to digest, and is the best food choice for pregnant women, but soup is also very particular. As the saying goes, “drinking soup before meals will make you slim and healthy; drinking soup after meals will make you fatter.” Pregnant women must also drink soup scientifically and reasonably. Have you learned the best soup recipes for pregnant women introduced above, and wish you a good pregnancy.

What to pay attention to in recipes for pregnant women

  1. Pay attention to as light as possible, whether in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, you should pay attention to a light diet. Some pregnant mothers with special circumstances also need to adopt a salt-free diet;
  2. Pay attention to balanced nutrition and try to cover everything as much as possible, that is, to properly supplement calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, and folic acid foods, try to diversify and moderate them as much as possible;
  3. Pay attention to adding water in an appropriate amount. During pregnancy, due to the oppression of the uterus, some blood vessels in the abdominal cavity will be oppressed, resulting in edema, so it is very important to add an appropriate amount of water;
  4. Pay attention to the appropriate amount of fruit intake. The cellulose content of fruit is not high. Excessive intake of fruit will make the sugar content in the diet too high, which may induce other diseases such as diabetes in pregnant women;
  5. pay attention to eat more vegetables, vegetables are rich in vitamins, and fiber is higher than fruits, you can eat more.

  Have you noticed these 5 points in pregnancy recipes? Balanced nutrition can make your baby and you healthy through pregnancy.

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