How to get rid of alcohol fast?

Drinking alcohol

Alcohol is a great invention of human beings. Moderate drinking is good for health, but excessive drinking is harmful to health. Regarding drinking, there are generally two situations: drink when you want to drink, and drink when you don’t want to drink. It should be noted here that the amount of alcohol is not fixed, but has … Read more

What are the benefits of green tea extract

green tea

Green tea extract is widely used around the world and provides concentrated doses of green tea beneficial nutrients and active ingredients. What is green tea extract?   A green tea extract is a different form of green tea that usually comes in supplement pill form, but like green tea has many of the same great benefits … Read more

Four living habits for women to stay away from adnexitis


Adnexitis is a common gynecological disease in women. In women’s reproductive organs such as fallopian tubes, ovaries, etc., they are called appendages of the uterus. Therefore, inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries is called adnexitis. So, what bad habits should women stay away from if they want to prevent appendicitis? In response to this problem, the … Read more

See if alcohol damages your liver at a glance

damages liver

​The liver is a very important detoxification site in the human body. It is also the center of the human body to regulate blood and metabolism. However, in daily life, some people often do not pay attention to developing good living habits, which will cause damage to the liver. Liver damage is routinely manifested. Thirst, … Read more

How to deal with alcohol poisoning in the elderly?

alcohol poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is very common in life. Some elderly people do not know how to control their drinking, which can easily lead to alcohol poisoning. For the elderly, the ability to hangover is worse than that of young people, so alcohol poisoning is more likely to occur in the wine table entertainment. So what to do … Read more

How can children grow taller

children grow taller

Studies have shown that more than 90% of girls have the fastest growth in height between the ages of 11-13 and boys between the ages of 13-15. The fastest growing month for children is April to May in spring. Children’s diets must be multi-variety, pay attention to the reasonable combination of main and non-staple foods, meat … Read more

How can a women quit smoking?

women smoking

Men smoke, and many women also smoke, and their addiction is not small. There are many dangers of smoking for women, so it is better to quit smoking. Now women smoke more and more frequently, so what are the harms of smoking for girls? When this happens, how should we quit smoking? Then let’s take … Read more

Healthy Eating for the Elderly

Healthy Eating for the Elderly

Excessive consumption of sweets by the elderly will cause functional disorders, cause obesity, diabetes (diabetic food), pruritus, hair loss and consumption of pancreatic cells, which is not conducive to physical and mental health. Diet is the focus of health care for the elderly. The elderly should not be greedy for sweets, meat, or heat. Let’s take … Read more

3 Simple Habits to Prevent Cancer


Lifestyle diseases are non-communicable concomitant diseases caused by unhealthy eating habits, mental factors, smoking, alcoholism, inactivity and other unhealthy lifestyles. Lifestyle diseases mainly include some common diseases, mainly obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and cancer are all categories of lifestyle diseases. Here are 3 simple lifestyle habits to … Read more