Bad breath

Habits that cause bad breath


Bad breath is a common situation in life. Although it is not a big problem, it brings great trouble to our life and work, and makes you dare not have close contact with people. So what causes bad breath? Experts introduce bad habits that can lead to bad breath. Let’s introduce what causes bad breath!

Bad breath treatment to develop good habits

  First of all, we must pay great attention to oral hygiene. If there are local factors in the oral cavity, we can perform full-mouth scaling to remove oral lesions; use some mouthwash. Brush your teeth carefully every morning, before going to bed and after meals, and when necessary, gently brush off the tongue coating with a toothbrush or a clean towel.

  Secondly, in terms of treatment, we must first actively treat the primary disease. For diseases of the oral cavity, digestive system, respiratory system, etc. that can cause bad breath, it is necessary to actively carry out corresponding treatment. Since bad breath is often caused by oral or digestive tract infection of anaerobic bacteria or facultative anaerobic bacteria, tinidazole or metronidazole can be taken (the time should not exceed 7 days), which is a treatment for anaerobic bacteria or facultative anaerobic bacteria. Drugs for facultative anaerobic bacteria; Helicobacter pylori infection

  If the bad breath is caused, you can take the drug for the cure of Helicobacter pylori; you can also use 10 grams of the traditional USA medicine Perlan, boiled water (that is, drink Perlan instead of tea like tea) 1-2 times a day, which is better than some chewing gums. It is good to use it; knocking the teeth is also a good method: close the lips, gently knock the teeth 100-300 times, during which there may be an increase in saliva, swallow slowly in small mouths, do it 2-3 times a day, not only to treat bad breath, It also has a good curative effect on oral diseases. You may wish to give it a try. In traditional USA medicine, bad breath is mainly caused by spleen heat, stomach fire, and intestinal dryness. Therefore, if you want to take traditional USA medicine for bad breath, you must find an experienced USA medicine doctor to prescribe it. You cannot choose to take traditional USA medicine yourself, because the traditional USA medicine for “clearing stomach fire” is very bitter and cold, and it is very easy to damage the spleen and stomach after taking it, resulting in bad breath. Spleen and stomach hurt first. Usually chew gum, mints, and a small amount of tea.

  Also, quit smoking and drinking; the diet should be relatively light, avoid eating cold, irritating, smelly (such as garlic, onion, leeks, stinky tofu, etc.) and indigestible, greasy (high protein, high fat) foods; Chew slowly when eating; drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables, fruits and beans; keep a regular schedule and keep a good mood; take part in more physical exercise. USA medicine believes that bad breath belongs to the “heat” of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is recommended that bad breath should eat as little as possible warm and cold foods that help heat, and eat some heat-clearing foods in moderation.

Habits that cause bad breath

  Less chewing

  Chewing is the first process of food digestion. The speed of eating is slow, and the number of times of chewing during meals can secrete a lot of saliva, and saliva can effectively control the reproduction of bacteria and prevent bad breath. Therefore, people who eat too fast and chew less often must pay attention. It is understood that compared with eating alone and chatting with others, not only the number of times of chewing the food is more, but the secretion of saliva will also increase.

  Do not eat breakfast

  There are often many women who do not eat breakfast in order to lose weight in life, but if they do not eat breakfast, it will be difficult to secrete saliva to prevent bad breath, which will damage the health of the oral cavity. In addition, the irregular diet is also one of the reasons for bad breath. So, change your eating routine by eating regular meals a day from now on.

  The wrong way to brush your teeth

  The residue of toothpaste is not only the main culprit of tooth decay and periodontal disease, but also easy to cause bad breath. To prevent bad breath and keep your teeth healthy, brush your teeth carefully and for as long as possible. In addition, in order to avoid bad breath caused by wrong brushing, you can also ask your doctor for the correct brushing method.

  Brush your teeth without brushing your tongue

  Sometimes we see something like white coating on the tongue through the mirror. This is tongue coating. The greater the amount of white fur, the more likely it is to cause bad breath. Therefore, keep your tongue clean while brushing your teeth.

  Bad habits such as smoking and drinking

  Smoking and drinking can not only excite the nervous system, but also activate the anaerobic bacteria in the mouth. People often experience regular halitosis, which is stronger and lasts longer than usual. This kind of social bad breath is not all caused by food, but is sometimes related to people’s life pressure and psychological state.

Eliminate bad breath, don’t panic, USA medicine teaches you the right way

  1. Find out the cause and treat it symptomatically: As the saying goes, if the cause is clear, the cure is the right way. People with bad breath should first go to the stomatology department of the hospital to check whether they have oral diseases. At the same time, they can ask a physician to do a comprehensive physical examination, focusing on excluding certain systemic chronic diseases related to bad breath. Once the cause of bad breath is found, and the doctor actively cooperates with both the symptoms and the root causes, it will be effective to get rid of bad breath.
  2. Insist on brushing your teeth every morning and evening and gargling after meals to keep your mouth clean and hygienic: This is the most effective basic method to improve bad breath. People with bad breath especially need to develop good oral hygiene habits, master the correct way of brushing their teeth, remove food residues and soft scales that remain on the surface of the teeth, between the teeth and buccal and labial folds in a timely manner, and control the growth and reproduction of oral bacteria, and bad breath will also be reduced. Eliminate naturally.
  3. Regular teeth cleaning to remove bad breath: At present, dental hospitals or stomatology departments in various places generally open teeth cleaning clinics. The ultrasonic cleaning method is used to clean teeth. accept. By cleaning teeth, people with bad breath can eliminate plaque, soft scale and calculus, which is beneficial to improve bad breath and prevent periodontal disease. Generally, it is advisable to clean your teeth every six months or so according to your own conditions.
  4. Traditional American medicine diet to remove bad breath: USA medicine believes that bad breath can occur in those who have gastrointestinal indigestion, fatigue, or heat in the lungs and large intestines.

  If the bad breath is caused by improper diet and fumigation of stomach heat, in addition to eating less meaty, fatty and spicy products, and eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, patients can use “clearing heat, detoxification, cooling blood, and laxative effects” under the guidance of a doctor. “Wei San” conditioning, namely taking Coptis chinensis, Scutellaria baicalensis, Shengdi, Danpi, Cimicifuga, gypsum, red peony and other traditional USA medicines for decoction. For those who have bad breath due to hepatic fire, it is advisable to decoct an appropriate amount of lotus core and lotus root water and eat it to help eliminate bad breath. In addition, people with bad breath can usually drink some black tea, coffee, or use 3 grams each of Huoxiang and Peilan; brew with boiled water and drink frequently or gargle. effect.

  In fact, bad breath is often caused by our irregular work and rest. If we often stay up late, we will easily suffer from bad breath. If we cannot avoid staying up late, we must also master the methods to eliminate bad breath. This is for us. Very useful.

5 easy home remedies to get rid of bad breath

  Bad breath remedies 1. Chew tea

  Put a small amount of tea in your mouth and chew it carefully to get rid of bad breath.

  Tea is rich in antibacterial effect, which can eliminate the main bacteria that cause bad breath. While drinking tea can also help to get rid of bad breath, chewing tea has even more miraculous effects. But if you just chew the tea leaves, the tea residues will stay in your mouth and feel extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended that you chew tea with low-sugar chewing gum two to three times a day, which not only helps to clean your mouth, but also eliminates bad breath as soon as possible.

  Bad breath remedies 2. Correctly brush your teeth and clean the tongue coating

  Correct brushing and cleaning of the tongue coating Brushing your teeth after meals and cleaning the tongue coating is also a good way to treat bad breath.

  The surface of the tongue is white, which is also the cause of bad breath. After brushing your teeth, use a toothbrush to clean the tongue coating on the surface of the tongue to prevent bad breath. The technique of brushing is to move the toothbrush up and down gently. The toothbrush is at a 45-degree angle between the toothbrush and the boundary between the teeth and the gums, and brushes gently in the range of 5 mm left and right.

  Bad breath remedies 3, eat breakfast

  Healthy eating is how bad breath is formed, many people do not know. In fact, skipping breakfast is the main cause of bad breath.

  When an empty stomach is on an empty stomach, stomach gas rises, which not only leads to severe bad breath, but is also bad for health. Therefore, a healthy diet is the most fundamental way to treat bad breath.

  Bad breath remedies 4, plus or minus manna drink

  Composition: Rehmannia, raw ground, Asparagus, Scutellaria baicalensis, Citrus aurantium, Loquat leaves, Artemisia annua, Dendrobium, Licorice, one or two each, Rhino horn three dollars;

  Usage: Take the last two dollars for each, decoct in water. Actions: Treats bad breath between the chest and stomach due to deficiency of fire and stagnation of heat.

  Bad breath recipe 5, asarum powder

  Composition: one or two each of Asarum, Licorice and Guixin.

  Usage: The medicine is pounded to form powder, and every serving is not timed, and the cooked water is adjusted for one buck. Action: Treat bad breath.

What are the dangers of long-term bad breath?

  Harm 1, aggravate oral diseases: The survey shows that the incidence of oral diseases in people with severe bad breath is at least 50 times higher than that of ordinary people. If patients with severe halitosis are not treated in time, the number of oral flora will be greatly increased, and periodontitis, gingivitis, and oral ulcers will occur frequently.

  Hazard 2. It is closely related to gastrointestinal diseases: At the beginning of this century, although the medical community has not fully explored the deep causes of gastrointestinal diseases and bad breath, people have discovered the close relationship between bad breath and gastrointestinal diseases: the vast majority of halitosis sufferers All have gastrointestinal diseases. The accumulated feces in the intestines form stubborn fecal reefs.

  Hazard 3. Affecting their own appetite: Although some people are not very sensitive to their own bad breath, in fact, unconsciously, their appetite and taste gland function have been affected.

  Hazard 4. “Outpost” of gastric cancer and gastroparesis: Among the gastrointestinal diseases closely related to bad breath, the most serious ones are gastric cancer and gastroparesis. In the survey of patients with gastric cancer and gastroparesis, it was found that the bad breath of these patients generally reached the depth standard.

  Hazard 5. Affect interpersonal communication: Bad breath makes interpersonal communication very embarrassing, which also makes patients feel inferior. It also creates barriers to interpersonal communication.

  Bad breath is more harmful, if not treated in time, the disease may further worsen. When the treatment is in progress, it may cause other oral diseases, which will increase the difficulty of treatment.

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