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Five lifestyle habits can easily lead to kidney deficiency in men


For men, the kidneys are an extremely important part of the body. The kidneys are not only responsible for removing the garbage from the body of men, but also the health of the kidneys can make men full of vitality every day. However, many men always complain that they are too tired and have symptoms of kidney deficiency. In fact, kidney deficiency is not a sudden disease. The bad habits in a man’s life are the culprit that causes kidney deficiency. What about kidney deficiency? Let’s take a look.

Men need to pay attention to eight symptoms of kidney deficiency

  1. Chills

  ”Chilling” refers to the feeling of being afraid of the cold and the wind. “Cold limbs” refers to the symptoms of cold limbs, hands and feet, even cold to the elbows and knees. “Aversion to cold and cold limbs” is often accompanied by kidney deficiency symptoms such as sore waist and knees, tiredness in lying down, lack of breath and lazy speech, and lack of thirst.

  2. Excessive intercourse

  Chinese medicine believes that the kidney stores essence, and the kidney essence is transformed into kidney yin and kidney yang, which nourish and warm the internal organs. Kidney yin and kidney yang are interdependent and restrict each other in the human body to maintain the physiological balance of the human body. If this balance is disrupted or one of the parties declines, lesions will occur, and men will experience impotence and premature ejaculation, slippery sperm, semen diseases and other diseases.

  3. Dizziness, weakness, insomnia and dreaminess

  As one of the important organs of the human body, the kidney nourishes and warms other organs. If other organs are not healed for a long time, it is easy to damage the kidney. Many chronic diseases such as chronic hepatitis, coronary heart disease, bronchial asthma, hypertension and other patients are often accompanied by symptoms of kidney deficiency.

  4. Asthma

  The kidneys have the function of “absorbing qi”. Due to the inability of the kidneys to take in qi, it will cause shortness of breath, more breathing and less breathing, making it difficult for you to breathe freely. In severe cases, symptoms such as increased wheezing and cold sweats may also occur with asthma.

  5. Low back pain

  Low back pain is rooted in kidney deficiency, which can be divided into internal injury and strain. Internal injury and kidney deficiency generally refer to congenital deficiency, chronic physical weakness or excessive fatigue. It is difficult to bend or stand upright in mild cases, and heel pain and waist weakness in severe cases; strain refers to excessive physical burden, or long-term work in the same fixed posture (using computers, driving, etc.), which will damage the kidney qi over time, causing Insufficient kidney essence.

  6. Dizziness and tinnitus

  Many people have experienced the feeling of dizziness, the feeling of dizzy eyes, spinning, nausea and vomiting is not pleasant, and dizziness patients are often accompanied by tinnitus, which hinders hearing, and even leads to deafness in the long run. The causes of dizziness and tinnitus are mostly related to liver and kidney. Chinese medicine says that “the kidney stores the essence and generates the marrow, and the marrow gathers to form the brain”, so kidney deficiency can lead to insufficient marrow sea, the brain loses its nourishment, and dizziness and tinnitus occur.

  7. Constipation

  People with constipation often suffer from anal fissures, hemorrhoids and other symptoms due to difficulty in defecation, which affect work and life, and are miserable. Although constipation belongs to the conduction dysfunction of the large intestine, its root cause is due to kidney deficiency, because the kidney opens its orifices in the two yin and controls the two stools. The conduction of stool must be stimulated and nourished by the kidney qi to function normally.

  8. Backache and leg pain, frequent urination and urgency

  Sitting in a car with a rigid body for a long time, coupled with mental stress while driving, will lead to qi stagnation and blood stasis over time, which will eventually lead to kidney deficiency.

Five lifestyle habits can easily lead to kidney deficiency in men

  1. Frequent urination

  This is a habit that many men have at present. Because they are busy with work, or watching TV and playing mobile phones at home at night, it will take a long time once they are in such a state. I believe that every man has such a mentality and has something to do with himself. When I have the urge to urinate, I want to wait until my work is done before going to the toilet. For example, when watching TV, I want to wait until the commercial time to go to the toilet, so I often hold back my urine.

  Urine contains a lot of bacteria and toxins. If you hold your urine for a long time, it will cause the backflow of urine in the bladder. The bacteria and toxins in the urine will return to the kidneys through the ureter, which will not only cause urinary tract and bladder infections. , and it will also cause incurable harm to the kidneys. After a long time, the kidneys will lose their vitality, and symptoms of kidney deficiency will appear.

  2. Big fish and big meat

  With the continuous improvement of living conditions, chicken, duck, and fish have become commonplace for us. Women will worry about their body shape, so they will eat less, but men do not have this concern, or men don’t mind their body. If you gain weight, you will often have a lot of fish and meat.

  However, these big fish and big meat contain a lot of protein and fat. Regular consumption of big fish and big meat will cause excessive protein intake in the body, so too much uric acid will be produced correspondingly, which will increase the excretion burden of the kidneys.

  And these big fish and meat are usually cooked with a lot of salt, because if there is no salt, then these dishes will not taste good, and the intake of salt will cause the loss of water in the body, which will also increase the excretion burden of the kidneys , it will cause kidney deficiency over time.

  3. Stay up late and sleep late

  Nowadays, it has become a common phenomenon for men to sleep late. Because good TV shows are basically at around 9 pm, and many men like to play with mobile phones, sometimes they play late, and work overtime, so This leads to men often staying up late and going to bed late.

  In fact, after 11 o’clock every night, all organs of our body have to detoxify, and the kidneys are of course no exception. If you often sleep late, it will affect the detoxification of the kidneys, so that the toxins cannot be excreted, and can only accumulate in The kidneys, over time, the accumulation of toxins in the kidneys will gradually increase, and the harm to the kidneys will gradually increase. It is also normal to cause symptoms of kidney deficiency.

  4. Like to drink

  Summer is here, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the heat has passed, and the temperature continues to rise, so sweet and delicious drinks have become men’s favorites this summer. If it’s iced, it’s really big. Love.

  Except for soda water, basically all beverages are acidic, and there will be some carbonated ingredients in them. If you drink beverages frequently, it will destroy the acid-base balance in the body. If the body is too acidic, it will produce A large amount of uric acid increases the burden on the excretion of the kidneys.

  In addition, the reason why all beverages taste good is because sugar is added in them. After sugar enters the body, it will absorb the water in the body and cause the loss of water. Therefore, the more you drink, the more thirsty you drink, the more you want to drink. If there is too much sugar in the body, the water will become less and less, not only will it cause obesity, but also the kidneys will be blocked due to insufficient water, which will affect the operation of kidney function, which will damage the kidneys and cause kidney deficiency.

  If you drink iced beverages, under the stimulation of iced beverages, not only will the stomach shrink, but the kidneys will also shrink in such a low temperature environment, which will lead to unfavorable functioning of the kidneys. In the long run, the kidneys will be damaged to the point of being “defective”.

  5. Taking too many drugs

  I don’t know if you have noticed a phenomenon, that is, once a man is sick, he will never go to the hospital unless he is too sick to move. On the one hand, going to the hospital may be expensive for medical expenses, and men need to earn money to support their families; on the other hand, Men’s psychology will feel that minor illnesses and pains can be cured as long as they take medicine, and they can’t go to the hospital. Therefore, as long as men are sick, they basically take medicine. Moreover, many men sometimes pay attention to the health of their bodies, so they buy a lot of them. The use of health care medicines leads to the fact that many men’s bodies are really made of medicines.

  But there is an old saying: “It’s a medicine with three parts toxins”, no matter what medicine, after taking it in the body, there will be some side effects and toxins, which may not be easily detected by the body, that is because the content is relatively small and difficult to detect, but if you take the medicine for a long time , then there will be more and more drug toxins in the body, which will cause more and more harm to the kidneys, resulting in renal tubulointerstitial damage, resulting in the decline of renal function, or even destruction, causing kidney damage.

What should a man do when he has symptoms of kidney deficiency

  Resolutely quit smoking

  A University of Kentucky study found that the average erection status of male smokers was 5, compared to 9 for non-smokers. “Toxic substances in cigarettes can damage blood vessels and make the corpus cavernosum less elastic,” said Irving Goldstein, a urologist at Boston University Medical Center. Another study found that smokers had significantly smaller penises than non-smokers.

  Undergo a vasectomy

  If men have completed the mission of having children, consider ligation. Contraceptive failure is an important cause of anxiety for some men. This affects the male erection, further acting on the mood in a vicious cycle, eventually becoming a “temperament” killer.

  Away from lover

  Erectile dysfunction is likely to follow after a brief affair. In fact, many sex medicine doctors often warn patients that “underground relationships” can induce feelings of guilt, which can also lead to anxiety, which can lead to ED.

  Don’t have sex

  More than one-third of men with ED have experienced private damage. In sex, “women on top of men” and too violent sex are all factors that threaten the private parts.

  Moderate walking or jogging every day

  Among men who were sedentary, those who walked 2 kilometers per day had half the odds of having erection problems, as did 20 minutes of jogging or 30 minutes of strength training.

  Yawn more

  Yawning prompts the brain to produce nitric oxide. Not only does it reach the respiratory nerves, protecting the cardiovascular system, but it also descends down the spinal cord to the blood vessels that deliver energy to the private parts. One of the effects of drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction is to promote the formation of nitric oxide in the body.

  Sufficient sleep

  After entering a deep sleep state, the private parts are in a long-term erection state for 3-5 hours. This is its way of self-maintenance, which improves blood circulation. From a functional perspective, the more erections a man has at night, the more flexible he is during sex. This ensures that men have stronger erections during intercourse.

Four Misunderstandings of Male Kidney Deficiency

  1. Impotence is kidney deficiency

  Impotence, the absence of masculine things, or the absence of firmness in the clinic, is equivalent to the sexual neurasthenia of modern medicine. Chinese medicine believes that it is mostly caused by excessive room and room, resulting in serious damage to the essence and qi, and the failure of the fire of the gate of life, that is, the deficiency of the kidney qi. But clinically, it can also be seen that some are caused by damage to the heart and qi or fear of damage to the kidney, and some are caused by damp-heat betting. Impotence accompanied by short and red urination, soreness and sleepiness of lower extremities, yellow tongue coating, slippery pulse, etc. There are many causes of impotence, and it is not synonymous with kidney deficiency.

  2. Weakness is kidney deficiency

  The kidney is the root of human life. It contains yin and yang, which is the main source of bone and marrow, and stores essence. Therefore, the ancients called the kidney “the foundation of the innate”. If the kidney qi is insufficient, the body will naturally decline, and the waist and knees will be weak. However, there are many reasons for physical weakness, such as damage to the spleen and stomach, deficiency of lung qi, deficiency of liver blood, and depletion of heart yin. Weakness is a deficiency disease, but it does not mean that it is kidney deficiency.

  3. Nephritis is kidney deficiency

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there are many reasons for nephritis, such as external attack of wind pathogens, stagnation of lung qi, disorder of water channels, edema caused by wind and water resistance; It can cause edema on the skin; it can also cause edema due to excessive fatigue, deficiency of spleen, and loss of water and health. When the disease has damaged the kidneys for a long time, kidney deficiency occurs.

  4. Fear of cold is kidney deficiency

  The kidneys govern the Yuan Yang of the whole body, and the Yang Qi of the whole body of the human body cannot be released without the kidney-yang. Therefore, people with deficiency of kidney yang are mostly afraid of cold, cold limbs, and clear and long urination. But fear of cold and chills, there are external evidence and internal evidence. For those who express the symptoms, the yang qi is blocked in the interior and cannot express themselves, so they feel cold; those with the interior symptoms are different from the deficiency of spleen yang and the deficiency of kidney yang. The food is not fragrant, the abdomen is bloated and stuffy, and the diarrhea is clear and thin.

Understand the five recipes of healthy nutrition for people with kidney deficiency

  1. Celery Egg Custard Wash 300 grams of celery, cut it into sections, put it in a pot and cook for a while, add a little flour and 1 cup of thick broth, and then add 1 egg yolk, hot drink is best.
  2. Cardamom milk juice Cut the celery and shallots into filaments, mix with four cups of yogurt or milk wine, add some minced cardamom and appropriate amount of salt, stir well and put it in the refrigerator. Take half a cup (20-30 grams) every morning.
  3. Mash 200 grams of walnut kernels for diced honey, mix with 100 grams each of figs, dried apricots, and raisins, add 100 grams of honey, and mix carefully. Drink one scoop daily.
  4. Carrot soup Take two carrots, cut them into thin lines, mix with 150 grams of cold milk (heated) and stir well, add an appropriate amount of salt. One cup a day in 3 divided doses for a week is most effective.
  5. Add 20 grams of cinnamon and 20 grams of ginseng to 1 kg of white wine, and seal and soak for 15 days. Then turn it on and drink one cup (50-80 grams) a day.

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