Counting occupational diseases and living habits

Occupational diseases refer to diseases caused by the exposure of workers of enterprises, institutions and individual economic organizations to factors such as dust, radioactive substances and other toxic and harmful substances in their occupational activities. The laws of various countries have regulations on the prevention of occupational diseases. Generally speaking, only diseases that meet the legal requirements can be called occupational diseases. So can poor living habits lead to occupational diseases? Let’s take a look at it together.

7 Signs That Occupational Diseases Are Coming

 Self-test for signs of spinal problems

  Sign 1: The heel of the shoe is worn unevenly

  Many diseases can cause the heel to wear unevenly. For example, knee problems such as knee varus and valgus, and brain diseases such as hemiplegia can cause problems with walking posture, resulting in different heel wear. If the difference in the length of the lower limbs is greater than 2 cm, it will affect the pelvis and spine, causing uneven wear and tear on the heel of the shoe.

  Sign 2: “click” sound on the neck and back

  For people with cervical spine problems, there will be a “click” sound when moving the cervical spine, which is caused by cervical facet joint degeneration and ligament calcification. Human intervertebral discs degenerate from the age of 20, and gradually affect the facet joints of the spine. Moderate exercise in daily life can delay this degeneration. The “click” sound on the back is very likely to be a problem with the shoulder joint, not just a sign of a problem with the spine.

  Sign 3: The head is always tilted to one side unconsciously, the body leans to one side when walking, and one leg always rests on the other.

  There are many kinds of cervical spondylosis. Among them, cervical spondylosis myelopathy may have symptoms of head tilt. This cervical spondylosis is more serious and may lead to paralysis. This cervical spondylosis is relatively rare. Even so, this signal cannot be used to infer that there is a problem with the spine. Many diseases can lead to symptoms of head tilt and walking tilt, such as craniocerebral diseases. As for the symptom of “one leg always wants to rest on the other”, it can only be explained that it is a matter of habit.

  Sign 4: The jaw often makes a “clicking” sound

  Sometimes we notice a “click” in the jaw, which some people think is a sign of a problem with the spine. In fact, this is nonsense. Disorganized meshing joints will cause the jaw to make a “clicking” sound, and there will be problems with the spine. There are no such symptoms.

  Sign 5: Breathlessness

  If this symptom occurs, the first thing to check is whether there is a problem with the respiratory system and heart. Because of lung disease, heart disease and other diseases can appear this symptom. Therefore, it is not possible to judge whether there is a problem with the broken spine based on this symptom.

  Symptom 6: Often flashing waist, suffocation

  Some people think that frequent flashback or lack of breath is a sign of a problem with spondylosis. In fact, this symptom does not represent whether there is a lesion in the facet joints of the spine, and a doctor needs to be checked and diagnosed.

  Sign 7: The mind cannot concentrate well

  Sympathetic cervical spondylosis will have symptoms of poor concentration, but many diseases such as neurosis and mental illness can cause poor concentration. Therefore, it is not possible to judge whether there is sympathetic cervical spondylosis based on this symptom alone.

 Self-test for symptoms of mouse hand:

  It is mainly manifested as numbness and burning pain in the hand gradually, which worsens at night, and often wakes up in a dream. Many patients also have symptoms such as swelling of the wrist joint, inflexibility of hand movements, and weakness. The occurrence of the following symptoms should highly suspect the development of mouse hand:

  1. The fingers and wrist joints are tired and numb, and some joints will make a slight noise when they move.

  2. The symptoms are similar to the symptoms of “constrictive tenosynovitis” and “carpal tunnel syndrome”

  3. Stiffness, soreness and discomfort in the palms, fingers, wrists, forearms and elbows.

  4. hand tingling, numbness, cold.

  5. Grip strength and the ability of various parts of the hand to work together are reduced.

  6. Pain at night.

  7. Pain can linger to the arms, upper back, shoulders and neck.

Counting occupational diseases and living habits

  Symptoms: Premature aging and the emergence of diabetes, high blood pressure, and neurasthenia that are otherwise associated with older people.

  Cause: Working during the day, socializing at night, and lack of sleep for a long time will accelerate aging. In addition, skipping breakfast will not only seriously hurt the stomach, it will make people unable to work energetically, but also the cause of accelerated aging. And because eating has become a part of work, I often overeat unknowingly – this is mainly due to fine food, high protein, fat, carbohydrate content, long eating time, drinking and talking while eating – Too much dinner is especially harmful to the body.

  Prescription: Adequate sleep should be maintained. Do not rest after a full meal, it will affect your sleep at night. White-collar workers should not only go on a diet, but also pay attention to a light diet with both meat and vegetables. If they feel hungry, they can drink a glass of milk, eat two or three biscuits or a small bowl of soy milk. Pay special attention, do not take a hot bath immediately after exercise, which will greatly increase the flow of blood to the muscles and skin, and the remaining blood will not be enough to supply the needs of other organs of the body, especially the heart and brain, resulting in a heart attack and cerebral hypoxia. People with potential heart disease risk, such as high blood pressure, overweight, and excessive smoking, should avoid the above conditions.

White-collar workers are careful to be entangled by occupational diseases

Stomach problems: Irregular diet can lead to stomach problems

  The stomach is the base of our health, and we have to go through it for everything we eat. Therefore, no matter how busy we are at work, we must take good care of our stomach. However, there are still many white-collar workers who can’t treat their stomachs properly. The Chinese Medical Doctor Association once released a report. In a physical health survey of more than 1,000 white-collar workers, only 3.24% of the respondents were completely healthy. In order to rush to work, white-collar workers often skip breakfast, eat irregularly, and work while eating, all of which can easily lead to stomach problems. Among the various diseases that white-collar workers are susceptible to, stomach disease is the most common. To start the “stomach protection war”, the key is to nourish the stomach and pay attention to every bit of daily life. The basic heart meridian of nourishing the stomach is, you must not ignore breakfast, eat regularly, eat carefully, eat slowly, mix the food carefully, eat more light and easily digestible food, and only try the heavy taste occasionally.

Eye disease: staring at the computer screen for a long time can cause dry eyes

  Since white-collar workers and computers have forged an indissoluble bond, dry eye disease, which was regarded as a geriatric disease in the past, has attacked more and more young white-collar workers. Although researchers still don’t know the cause of dry eye syndrome, prolonged use of the computer and watching TV can cause damage to the eyes. Once suffering from dry eye, the only way to relieve it is to use artificial tears, and in more serious cases, surgery is required.

  In order to prevent dry eye syndrome, experts recommend not to work in front of the computer for a long time. It is best to rest for 5 to 10 minutes every two hours of using the computer, relax your eyes by looking at objects from a distance, and exercise your neck and shoulder muscles at the same time. White-collar workers who use computers for a long time should learn to adjust their diet structure, add more vitamins a and d, and eat more carrots, fruits, seafood, etc.

Jin vertebra strain: long-term chronic strain leads to early white-collar cervical spondylosis

  I work in front of the computer almost every day, and I even sit at the desk for several hours when I get up to work. Cervical vertebra strain has become a common disease of white-collar workers. According to the survey, due to long-term chronic strain, the age of onset of cervical spondylosis has advanced from 40 to 30 years old.

  Cervical vertebra strain cannot be ignored. The cervical vertebra bears the head above and connects the trunk below. It is not only the most active part of the spine, but also the most important part of the nerve center, and it is also the only way for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. For this reason, it is very important to take good care of the cervical spine. Whether it is winter or summer, it is necessary to give the cervical spine a suitable temperature, and a shawl should be prepared in the office to protect the neck and back. I usually use the computer in the office for a long time, so I need to stop work in time and do 5 minutes of “shake and shake my head”: sit upright, keep the whole body still, move one head, and do lower head, head up, left turn, right turn, stretch forward, and retraction respectively. Action, clockwise and counterclockwise around the action. Hold for 5 minutes each time, and the movements should be gentle and gentle.

  Health reminder: For white-collar workers who are exhausted at work, even if they don’t have time for outdoor activities, they can do some simple soothing aerobics in the office.

Nine Strategies to Solve White-collar Occupational Diseases

White-collar disease one: gastrointestinal disease

Symptoms: functional dyspepsia, peptic ulcer, both of which are closely related to work and living conditions. Shi Lin, a professor of psychology at Beijing Normal University, said that she encountered many such cases in her work: many white-collar women consulted her, they could not eat all day, and they felt “enough” when they saw food, which led to loss of appetite. I even had severe stomach pains.

Reasons for triggering: The pace of life in today’s society has accelerated, work efficiency has improved, especially the degree of work tension has been greatly improved, so bad mood and excessive psychological pressure will lead to hunger and satiety, and some young people. In order to lose weight, white-collar workers even give up the idea of ​​eating, and if the time is too long, the gastrointestinal function and digestive function will be hindered.

Diagnosis and treatment prescription: not passive, not indulgent

  When you are in a bad mood at work or at home, don’t always show your temper, drink boring wine, and don’t eat food. When you feel tired and want to relax, don’t indulge your emotions in places such as KTVs, big restaurants, and dance halls under neon lights. Go for relaxation, such as outings, fitness, attending salon parties, etc. Eat more vegetables, eat less fatty, fried food, and try to eat less fried snacks when you are busy at work.

White-collar disease two: insomnia

Symptoms: Difficulty falling asleep at night, waking up with a little noise at night, resulting in lack of energy during the day and yawning all day long.

Causes: Nowadays, many urban white-collar workers work late at night, sometimes even all night long, but because of work, they have to get up early, resulting in irregular sleep, disordered biological clocks, and damage to the “sleep device” of the human brain, thus causing insomnia. These white-collar workers suffer from trouble falling asleep, dreaming, and waking up early due to bad living habits, excessive stress, long-term psychological depression and other reasons. The immunity of some insomniacs is also greatly damaged, which eventually leads to diseases such as high blood pressure. Qu Haiyan, a psychologist at Beijing Zhengqingyuan Health Checkup Center, told reporters that many old editors and reporters in the media have consulted her. If you are not careful, you will be eliminated.” Because such people have to check a lot of information every day, go to various places to conduct interviews, write articles, and sometimes a manuscript will be revised countless times, and they are afraid of being shot by the editor. Have to start all over again. So I feel so tired and overwhelmed.

Prescription for diagnosis and treatment: combination of work and rest

  Arrange work and leisure reasonably, and have the courage to try all kinds of effective relaxation methods to find an outlet for your emotional release; to strengthen your own personality, to deal with things without fear, to strengthen the study of professional knowledge, and to constantly accept new knowledge and new skills, just Able to cope with ease and maintain a peaceful mind.

White-collar disease three: depression

Symptoms: Excessive depression every day, low mood, poor mood to varying degrees, no interest in anything, loss of enthusiasm for life and work in the past, and often pessimistic and disappointed about the future.

Induced reason: The high work pressure of white-collar workers has led to this group having its own characteristics in emotional and psychological problems, which are prone to mental fatigue, distraction, irritability and so on. I can’t communicate with my colleagues and friends, and I don’t express my opinions. I often keep it in my heart, I get sullen when I encounter things I am not satisfied with, and I have no yearning for anything.

Diagnosis and treatment prescription:

1. speak freely

  Don’t keep unhappy things in your heart, but “talk to your friends” and “play to your heart’s content”. When you encounter setbacks, you can go home to talk to your lover, or ask a few close friends to find a teahouse, and then vomit and ask for help, which will make you feel much more relaxed.

2. Find a work environment that suits you

  He Jiuyong, chief physician of Zhengqingyuan Health Checkup Center, said, find a work environment that suits you. The same work is done by two different people. Some people can do it quickly and easily, while others feel it is a burden or pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to find a work style and environment that suits you, and find a job that you are comfortable with before you can fully devote yourself to it.

Decompression prescription from organizational system

  During the discussion, all the experts mentioned that in addition to the white-collar workers solving their own psychological problems or obstacles, many companies are also paying attention to the mental health of the white-collar workers. If business managers can actively adopt effective decompression management strategies, Helping these employees correctly understand the problem of work stress can prevent them from developing serious mental fatigue in a timely manner and keep them healthy physically and mentally. As a result, experts from Zhengqingyuan Health Checkup Center issued some prescriptions for the company’s management organizers:

  Prescription 1: Enterprises should not avoid the pressure of employees, but should create a more favorable working environment to relieve pressure, so that the employees and the entire enterprise can maintain the best state, and meet the challenges of work with full energy. Such an ideal state not only requires individuals to have an optimistic attitude and solid skills, but also requires enterprises to create a good environment and a harmonious and efficient organizational structure.

  Recipe 2: Enterprises can establish “employee assistance programs” internally. The so-called “employee assistance plan” is that the company provides health care services for employees, including an annual health check-up, self-health assessment, popularization of health knowledge for employees, and establishment of psychological counseling channels for employees. Zhengqingyuan Health Checkup Center is for Various companies, enterprises and institutions provide such a professional organization of health services.

  Recipe 3: You can add some recreational activities, such as coffee bar, ice bar, etc. When employees work for a certain time, they can go to the coffee bar to chat and have a rest, which will not only relax the mood of employees, but also make them more engaged in work afterward.

  Recipe 4: In a large company, an internal fitness center can be established, so that employees can truly appreciate that the company cares about their own health. Conversely, employees can create greater value for the company when they are in the best psychological state. It is the most virtuous cycle.

White-collar occupational diseases can be relieved by 4 acupoints

  Eyestrain: Chengqi Point

  Whether it is an eye disease caused by the imbalance of the spleen and stomach, or eye disease caused by other reasons, or daily maintenance of the eyes, we can solve it by massaging the Chengqi acupoint. This is because in traditional Chinese medicine it is said that “where the acupoints are located, the main treatment is within the reach”, so frequent massage of the Chengqi acupoint will make the qi and blood of the eyes prosperous and the eyes get enough blood to nourish. And the eyes can see blood, and it can see things only with blood. Regular rubbing of this point can prevent myopia and relieve eye fatigue.

  Low back pain: waist eye point

  The waist eye point is located in the depression 3-4 cun on the left and right sides of the spinous process of the third vertebra on the back. The waist-eye cave resides in the “Dai-mai” (the meridians that surround the waist). Chinese medicine believes that massaging the waist-eye point is a good way to prevent and treat low back pain. In addition, massaging the waist-eye point can not only prevent and cure low back pain, but also has the effect of improving the eyes and ears, strengthening the essence, nourishing the kidney and prolonging life.

  Acupoint massage method: After rubbing both hands together to get hot, press firmly on the waist and eye, stop for a while, and then rub down hard to the tail lug (Changqiang point). 50-100 times each time, 1 time each morning and evening.

  Mouse hand: thenar cave

  Most of the mouse hand is the wrist joint strain, which is a chronic strain caused by the nature of work, or the sequelae of wrist joint trauma caused by direct and indirect violence, which is a kind of occupational disease. The mouse hand is mainly characterized by frequent pain in the wrist joint, and the pain is aggravated when the wrist is used a little more, and even the wrist is swollen, restricted in movement, joint weakness, joint snapping, and local tenderness. Massage thenar point has a good therapeutic effect on the occupational disease “mouse hand” caused by excessive use of electronic products.

  When massaging, you can use the thumb of the other hand to push up and down near the thenar point, or tap the thenar point with both hands, until the palm side is hot. The number of massages is determined according to the physical condition, generally 1-2 times a day, and the time is controlled at about 10 minutes.

  Cervical spondylosis: Dazhu point

  At the position of Dazhao, find the seventh cervical vertebra (the highest bone tip in the lower part of the cervical vertebra), and the next bone tip is the spinous process of the first thoracic vertebra. Open about two transverse fingers from the gap between the bones under the spinous process of the first thoracic vertebra. muscle depression.