Can you eat winter jujube during menstruation?

Winter jujube is a very popular food. Different places have different names. For example, people in many areas call it Yanlaihong, or apple jujube, etc. The nutritional value of winter jujube is very high, especially the content of vitamin C. It is very high. According to reports, the amount of vitamin C contained in winter … Continue reading Can you eat winter jujube during menstruation?


Winter jujube is a very popular food. Different places have different names. For example, people in many areas call it Yanlaihong, or apple jujube, etc. The nutritional value of winter jujube is very high, especially the content of vitamin C. It is very high. According to reports, the amount of vitamin C contained in winter jujube is higher than that of most other fruits, so eating winter jujube also has many benefits. So can women eat winter jujube when they are menstruating?

How to care for women with heavy menstrual flow

  1. Change your clothes in time

  Although it is already a hot summer, wearing too much will make others feel like a neuropathy, but you should do a good job of changing clothes in time, especially for female friends who like to play in air-conditioned rooms for a long time. Take good care of your waist and abdomen and other key parts, wear more clothes when you feel cold, don’t get too cold or too cold.

  2. Pay attention to your diet

  It is best for women to be able to eat three meals regularly. Don’t say that you don’t eat when you’re not hungry, and you can’t say that you’re hungry a few times and then you’re full. These are unhealthy practices, let alone. Not eating because of weight loss. Pay attention to your diet, and do not touch too greasy, cold or spicy food.

  3. Keep a good mood

  Although it is said that a woman’s mood will change during menstruation, but it should be adjusted well when it is time to adjust. Don’t let yourself be in a gloomy and sad mood. You must know that this kind of bad mood is the real cause of your menstrual disease. fierce.

  4. Do some exercise

  Whether it is physical labor or brain labor, women should not be ignored. If you do not move for a long time, your brain will easily “rust”, and your body will easily get sick. Although it is a menstrual period, you should exercise a little and move your body properly.

​Can you eat winter jujube during menstruation?

  Can aunt come to eat winter jujube?

  Winter jujube is neutral in nature, neither getting angry nor reducing fire, neither cold nor hot, it is a neutral or flat fruit, suitable for anyone to eat. Fire, you can eat it with confidence, but jujubes are not very digestible foods. Eat winter jujube in limited quantities. Eating too much will cause indigestion or flatulence.

  Can I eat winter jujube during menstruation?

  Winter jujube is flat in nature, neither getting angry nor reducing fire. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is a flat fruit and can be eaten with confidence during menstruation. In addition, winter jujube is rich in nutrients and contains many nutrients necessary for the human body. Eating winter jujube in moderation during menstruation can also bring certain benefits.

  What are the benefits of eating winter jujube during menstruation?

  1. Enhance resistance

  Menstrual women are relatively weak and their body resistance is also reduced. Winter jujube contains 19 kinds of amino acids, including 8 kinds of essential amino acids such as threonine and isoleucine that the human body cannot synthesize independently.

Eating winter jujube can give the body It provides raw materials for protein synthesis, thereby promoting the synthesis of various proteins and enzymes in the body, which is helpful for enhancing the body’s immunity and resisting various diseases.

  2. Tonic

  Women lose a lot of blood and iron elements during menstruation, and winter jujube is rich in vitamin C. If you eat a few winter jujubes when eating iron-supplemented foods, you can effectively reduce trivalent iron ions to bivalent iron ions. , to promote the absorption of the body, indirectly promote the body’s hematopoietic function, there is a certain blood-enriching effect.

  3. Beauty and skin care

  During menstruation, women generally experience rough skin, acne, etc., and winter jujube contains more antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, etc. These antioxidants are all capable of scavenging free radicals in the body. It can help nourish the skin, delay skin aging, and help relieve skin problems in menstruating women.

There are taboos on women’s menstrual diet

  1. Hot and sour

  When menstruation comes, eating too much sour food can easily affect the discharge and smooth flow of menstrual blood, causing women’s menstrual blood to be blocked, and bringing women a lot of menstrual discomfort. Therefore, when women are menstruating, they need to throw away sour foods when choosing foods to eat. Therefore, the editor reminds that foods such as bayberry, sour dates, and lemons are best not to touch during menstruation.

  In addition, if you eat too spicy food during menstruation, it will also have an impact on menstruation. Because this type of food is relatively irritating, for some women, it is easy to cause pelvic congestion after eating, and may even induce inflammation. 

In addition, it may also cause the frequency of uterine contractions to be too fast, aggravating women’s lower abdominal pain, that is, making dysmenorrhea worse. Therefore, it is better not to touch spicy foods such as peppers and leeks.

  2. raw and cold

  This type of food should be especially noted. Now the summer is hot, and many women like to eat cold food, because it helps to cool down. But if you’re menstruating, women should avoid raw and cold foods, even if they’re hot.

If you eat it, it will cause great damage to the body, such as hindering digestion, for example, it will damage the yang qi in the body, so that the cold qi in the body rises sharply. When cold air encounters menstrual blood, it is easy to cause stagnation, which will block the discharge of menstrual blood. In this case, it will reduce the amount of menstrual blood excretion, resulting in excessive accumulation of toxins in the body. Of course, the most uncomfortable thing for women is dysmenorrhea.

  Therefore, in order to avoid these pains, women should avoid cold food and cold drinks when they are menstruating. In short, all cold things should not be touched. For example, cold water, winter melon, horseshoe, etc., you should hide away when you see them.

Can you have sex during menstruation

  sex or health

  In our Chinese traditional thinking, menstrual period is not allowed to have sex, because many people regard menstrual blood as unclean and filthy, and “hitting the red” will cause harm to men.

  Modern medical research believes that menstrual blood is not harmful to men, but menstrual blood is the best breeding ground for culturing bacteria. In addition, the opening of the cervix during menstruation makes it easier for bacteria to enter the uterus through the cervix and cause retrograde infection.

  Can you have sex during menstruation

  However, many Western women have put forward the slogan “Unhappy during menstruation, waste time”, and many view that menstrual sex is not harmful. Before and after the menstrual period, women’s androgen levels are at their peak, and women’s eroticism is also relatively high. At this time, women are more likely to have a satisfactory sexual experience when they have sex.

  From a medical point of view, unless you have enough confidence in your own hygiene, it is better not to have sex during your menstrual period. Otherwise, gynecological inflammation may haunt you for a long time, and even leave sequelae.

  ”Sexual Happiness” Before Menstrual Period

  Before the menstrual period, women have a strong need for sex due to changes in hormone levels. In addition, this period is a theoretical “safe period”, that is, a period during which there is no need for safety measures to become pregnant, so many people choose to have sex during this period.

  But you should also pay attention to the following during this period:

  First of all, although it is a “safe period”, the possibility of additional ovulation cannot be ruled out, especially for people with irregular menstrual periods, it is not safe;

  Secondly, if there are already signs, such as bloodshot beginning to appear, don’t have sex anymore, to avoid infection caused by poor hygiene;

  Third, we must pay attention to hygiene. The man with too long foreskin must pay attention to the cleaning of the foreskin and remove the smegma. If you have sexually transmitted diseases, you need to pay more attention to avoid infection.

  excitement after menstruation

  Menstruation has just ended, which is also a safe period. With the accumulation of previous abstinence, another period of frequent sex has begun. Don’t think that you can be unscrupulous at this time, pay attention to hygiene is necessary, especially when the menstruation is not completely clean. In addition, don’t act rudely at this time, the newly repaired uterus still needs to be cared for.

  Some people just don’t pay attention to this problem and cause harm to women, not only physical but also psychological. Therefore, during the entire menstrual cycle, husbands should be gentle and considerate, and give women some care, which will not only enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but also make sex last longer.

What should women pay attention to during menstruation

  beat the waist

  The soreness of the waist during menstruation is caused by pelvic congestion. At this time, beating the waist will cause the pelvic cavity to become more congested and exacerbate the soreness. In addition, beating the waist during menstruation is not conducive to the repair and healing of the wound after endometrial peeling, resulting in increased bleeding and prolonged menstruation.

  physical examination

  Menstrual period in addition to not suitable for gynecological examination and urine test, it is also not suitable for blood test and electrocardiogram and other inspection items. Because of the influence of hormone secretion at this time, it is difficult to obtain real data.

  extract a tooth

  Few dentists will ask you if you are menstruating before pulling a tooth, but you must know that you cannot pull a tooth during your period. Otherwise, not only will the amount of bleeding increase during tooth extraction, but there will also be a bloody smell in the mouth for a long time after tooth extraction, which will affect appetite and lead to malnutrition during menstruation. 

Because during menstruation, the endometrium releases more tissue-activating substances, which activate plasminogen in the blood to fibrinolytic enzyme with anticoagulant effect, and the number of platelets in the body also decreases, so the body’s ability to coagulate decreased, and the hemostasis time was prolonged.

  K song

  In menstruating women, the capillaries of the vocal cords are also congested and the walls of the tubes become more fragile. If you sing loudly or for a long time, your vocal cords may be tense and vibrate at a high speed, which may cause capillaries to rupture, hoarse voice, and may even cause permanent damage to the vocal cords.

  Women should pay attention to these matters when they are menstruating. Women must improve their diet reasonably during menstruation. Light and nutritious food is the best for women’s menstrual regulation. You must not eat ice cream during menstruation. , and can not eat some cold and stimulating things, these things will cause dysmenorrhea, and even lead to increased menstrual flow.

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