Eggplant menstruation

Can you eat eggplant during menstruation?

Dried eggplant is very common. Dried eggplant is made from eggplant. This type of food contains more nutrients. It is rich in protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fat. When eating this type of food, it also has some unique production method, the production of dried eggplant is also very simple and not difficult, so it can … Continue reading Can you eat eggplant during menstruation?


Dried eggplant is very common. Dried eggplant is made from eggplant. This type of food contains more nutrients. It is rich in protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fat. When eating this type of food, it also has some unique production method, the production of dried eggplant is also very simple and not difficult, so it can be made in normal times. Can you eat dried eggplant during menstruation? Let’s take a look.

What foods to eat during menstruation can nourish blood

1- Carrot

  Carrots are high in vitamins B and C, as well as carotene. Carotene is very beneficial to blood, making soup with carrots is a good blood-boosting soup. In addition to the effect of nourishing blood, carrots also have the effect of strengthening the stomach, promoting qi and eliminating food.

Those who have spleen deficiency, stagnation of qi, stagnation of qi, fullness of the chest, loss of appetite and prolonged dysentery can be used as supplementary diet therapy.

2 – Longan meat

  Longan meat is longan meat, and fresh longan is on the market every summer. The Longan contains vitamins A, B, glucose and sucrose, etc., and is rich in iron. Longan soup, longan wine and other foods are recommended for pregnant women and puerperae, and are quite good food for nourishing blood.

Dried black dates and candied dates

  Dried dates have the highest iron content in black dates and candied dates. The iron content per 100 grams is between 3.7 and 3.9 mg. It is the best food for jujube blood supplementation. Dried dates are also rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is to promote an important factor in iron absorption.

Can you eat eggplant during menstruation?

Can you eat eggplant during menstruation?

  Eggplant is one of the few purple vegetables and a very common household vegetable on the table. It is rich in vitamin E and vitamin P in its purple skin, which is unmatched by other vegetables.

  Eggplant belongs to the Solanaceae family, an annual vegetable. Native to India, widely cultivated in my country, it is one of the main summer vegetables.

  The edible part of eggplant is its tender fruit, which can be divided into three types:

round eggplant, bulb eggplant and line eggplant according to their shapes.

  Round eggplant, the fruit is spherical, the skin is black and purple, shiny, the stalk is dark purple, the flesh is light green and white, the flesh is dense and tender;

  Bulb eggplant, the fruit is shaped like a bulb, the skin is black and purple, shiny, the stalk is dark purple, the flesh is light green and white, with many spores, and the flesh is slightly loose;

  Line eggplant, the fruit is slender or slightly curved, the skin is thin, dark purple or black purple, the flesh is light green white, with few seeds, the flesh is tender and soft, and the quality is good.

Nutritional value

  1. Protect cardiovascular and antiscurvy: Eggplant is rich in vitamin P, which can enhance the adhesion between human cells, enhance the elasticity of capillaries, reduce the fragility and permeability of capillaries, and prevent microvascular rupture and bleeding. Maintain normal cardiovascular function. In addition, eggplant also has the effect of preventing scurvy and promoting the healing of wounds;
  2. Prevention and treatment of gastric cancer: Eggplant contains solanine, which can inhibit the proliferation of digestive system tumors and has a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of gastric cancer. In addition, eggplant also has the effect of clearing cancer fever;
  3. Anti-aging: Eggplant contains vitamin E, which has the functions of preventing bleeding and anti-aging. Eating eggplant often can prevent the level of cholesterol in the blood from increasing, which is of positive significance for delaying human aging.

Can I drink honey during menstruation?

Can I drink honey during menstruation?

  During menstruation, women will undergo some changes in their bodies compared with usual. Due to the influence of endocrine, the excitability of the cerebral cortex decreases, the immunity decreases, and it is easy to be infected and induce diseases. Therefore, the maintenance of menstruation is very important. So can you drink honey during menstruation? Yes. Honey has the functions of clearing away heat, invigorating, detoxifying, moisturizing and relieving pain.

  Honey is a natural nutritional product, which is sexual and nourishes the lungs and intestines. It contains high-quality sugars, vitamins and minerals that can burn the body’s energy. And can eliminate the garbage in the human body, restore the original metabolic function of the human body, improve constipation and balance blood sugar.

  If women are menstruating, drinking 1 cup of warm milk with honey every night before going to bed can help relieve menstrual symptoms. 

The reason is that the rich potassium in milk and the rich magnesium in honey can ease emotions, and have the functions of reducing abdominal pain, preventing infection, and reducing menstrual blood volume.

  In addition, honey also has many functions such as detoxification, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, antiseptic, wound protection, promoting cell regeneration and exudate absorption. Honey is rich in nutrients such as glucose, protein, vitamins, organic acids, amino acids and pollen.

It is very low, which not only helps to increase the detoxification ability of the liver, but also has the effects of strengthening the stomach and helping digestion.

  Menstrual period should pay attention to keep warm, and honey is also hot, and avoid the cold and the rain to be stimulated by the cold. Do not wade or swim in water. Or sit in the damp, cool, and air ducts of air conditioners and fans. Do not wash your feet with cold water to avoid menstrual disorders.

Precautions for women drinking honey during menstruation

  During the special period of women’s menstruation, women’s resistance usually declines, and they are prone to fatigue, anger, endocrine system disorders, etc. Honey can often effectively regulate body functions, so that women can spend this period healthily.

  There are many types of honey. Some honeys are warm, while others are cool. Female friends of warm honey can drink during menstruation, but if it is cool honey, it may make menstrual blood difficult to discharge and cause other symptoms.

  Generally, the cool honeys are Coptis chinensis honey, Sophora japonica nectar, Jing Hua honey, Astragalus honey, rape honey, wild chrysanthemum honey, etc. Therefore, female friends must pay more attention when choosing.

what do women eat during menstruation


  Some women experience breast discomfort and breast tenderness during menstruation. Spinach is rich in vitamin E, which reduces the production of prostaglandins, a substance that can trigger a range of premenstrual pains. Eating spinach can effectively supplement vitamin E and help relieve pain.


  Due to endocrine reasons, women are prone to acne during menstruation. Menstrual women can eat pumpkin, which is rich in zinc, which can reduce skin oil secretion and reduce the chance of infection.

Cauliflower, carrot

  Before and after menstruation, women often experience some adverse emotional changes due to hormone secretion and physical discomfort. Vitamin B6 helps synthesize mood-boosting neurotransmitters and maintains mood stability. Foods such as cauliflower and carrots are rich in vitamin B6. Proper eating by women can provide a large amount of vitamin B6 to the body and help stabilize mood.

Can I eat eggplant for constipation?

  Dried eggplant is a Han nationality snack in northeastern Jiangxi Province (Guixi City, Wannian County, Poyang County, Leping City, Shangrao City, etc.) Soft and unforgettable.

  Health experts believe that eggplant itself is a cold food (tip: food is simply divided into five attributes: cold, cool, warm, hot, and flat). Clearing heat, purging fire, cooling blood,

  Detoxification and other effects, more suitable for febrile diseases.

  And some constipation patients belong to Yang deficiency, Qi and blood deficiency or phlegm-dampness constitution (Tip: The human body is simply divided into six types:

Yin deficiency constitution, Yang deficiency constitution, Qi and blood deficiency constitution, Phlegm damp constitution, Blood stasis constitution, Qi stagnation constitution etc. a susceptibility to disease). 

People with yang deficiency, qi and blood deficiency or phlegm-dampness constitution are afraid of cold, indigestion or puffiness and other “cold” symptoms, and they are all forbidden to eat cold food.

  Therefore, the coldness of eggplant just contributes to the “cold” syndrome in constipation patients. To sum up, people with constipation should not eat cold foods such as eggplant, and constipation should not eat dried eggplant.

  In fact, many people may not know that generally, whether it is vegetables or fruits, as long as they are dried in the sun, or processed into dry form, they are all hot foods. Friends who are constipated still need to control, and honestly reduce the fire. A light diet is the main thing, and please ask for constipation as soon as possible.

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