Can I drink brandy during my menstruation period?

Brandy is a very common wine. When drinking this type of wine, you should pay attention to it in moderation. It has a relatively large stamina. If you drink too much, you will get drunk, and it is not good for your health. Brandy has a unique taste, and You can choose brandy with other wines, so when you drink it, you can taste the uniqueness of brandy. Can you drink brandy during menstruation?

Breast pain before menstruation

  1. Salt reduction exercise

  High-salt foods should be avoided 7-10 days before your period because they can make your breasts swell. People who often solve three meals a day in restaurants need to pay attention. The food in restaurants often adds a lot of seasonings, so the salt content is much higher than that of their own dishes. If you eat a very salty stew or snack, don’t drink a lot of water right away, because not only will this not neutralize the salt, but it will also allow the salt to seep through the fluid into the bloodstream, compressing the blood vessels.

  2. Hot compress

  Heat compresses are a direct and effective remedy. When you feel breast tenderness, wrap a hot water bottle in a towel and apply it to your chest. If the effect is not satisfactory, you can also prepare a basin of cold water, soak the towel, and apply it alternately between hot and cold.

  Alternatively, castor oil can be used as a hot compress. Because castor oil contains substances that enhance the function of lymphocytes. Drop the castor oil on the gauze, and then apply it on the face. In order to prevent the clothes from being stained, it is best to wrap it with a plastic film, and then use a hot water bottle or a hot towel to apply it together for about 1 hour.

  3. vitamins, reduce prolactin

  Prolactin can cause breast enlargement, so you can eat more foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin B group, regulate the production of prostaglandin E, help inhibit the production of prolactin.

  4. Chest massage to relieve pain

  Stimulating around the breast can promote blood and lymphatic circulation. 7-10 days before menstruation, massage every night can also relieve the pain.

  Method: First, gently wrap the breast on one side from the left and right sides with the palms of both hands. Then tighten your hands and use your thumbs at the base of your breasts to pull your breasts up from below. Repeat 10 times on each side. Note that when the breasts are sore, it is best not to massage, to avoid excessive stimulation to the breasts.

  5. Isolate caffeine

  A medical experiment has proved that quitting the habit of drinking coffee every day can significantly improve breast tenderness. Of course, not only coffee, but also stay away from caffeinated chocolate, cola, tea, and even caffeinated pain relievers to relieve pain.

  6. Eat low-fat, high-fiber foods

  One week before menstruation, try to eat low-fat and high-fiber foods such as whole grains and whole grains, which can also improve the nutritional balance of the body and relieve pain.

  7. Fitted bra

  Bras that are too small can compress the breasts and cause poor blood circulation, which can cause pain, while bras that are too large can cause the breasts to not be fixed and be injured during exercise.

Can I drink brandy during my period?

  Whether women can drink alcohol during menstruation, it is also necessary to understand it, so that when women are menstruating, drinking alcohol will not cause any damage to their health. Can they drink brandy during menstruation?

  Brandy is the transliteration of English Brandy. It is a wine made from fruit, which is fermented and distilled. Commonly called brandy refers to wine made from grapes and then distilled through fermentation. For wines made from other fruits by the same method, the name of the fruit raw material is often added in front of the brandy to distinguish its types. For example, brandy made from cherries is called Cherry Brandy, and brandy made from apples is called Apple Brandy. The term “brandy” belongs to the term, the Chinese equivalent of “shochu”.

  Brandy is one of the foreign wines. The so-called foreign wine actually means Western wine. Brandy means “charred wine” in Dutch. The wines from the Cognac region of France were transported to the countries of the North Sea by the Dutch ships that carried salt along the French coast in the 13th century, and these wines were very popular. By the 16th century, due to the increase in wine production and the long journey time by sea, French wine deteriorated and became unsalable. At this time, smart Dutch businessmen used these wines as raw materials to process them into grape distilled wine. Such distilled wine not only would not deteriorate due to long-distance transportation, but also greatly reduced the freight due to the high concentration, and the sales of grape distilled wine gradually increased. , The distillation equipment set up by the Dutch in the Charente area has also been gradually improved. The French began to master the distillation technology and developed it into a secondary distillation method, but the grape distilled wine at this time was colorless, which is now Distilled liquor called original brandy.

  The above is some introduction to whether women can drink brandy during menstruation. Women cannot drink alcohol during menstruation. Women’s drinking during menstruation is more harmful to women’s bodies, and when women drink during menstruation, it will also lead to women’s physical weakness. There is no benefit to women in any way.

​What symptoms did the aunt have before she came?

1. Increased leucorrhea before menstruation

  If you look closely, you will find that women’s leucorrhea will increase significantly before menstruation. This is because pelvic congestion before menstruation, and increased blood flow in the cervix and vagina, so cervical and vaginal secretions will also increase. , and these secretions are the main components of leucorrhea.

2. Swelling occurs before menstruation

  This situation often occurs within a week before menstruation, and some women usually have swelling, but it becomes more serious before menstruation. There are also headaches, runny nose, constipation, bloating, etc.

3. Breast tenderness

  Many women experience breast tenderness before menstruation. At this time, women may feel small nodules when they touch their breasts, and they will feel pain after touching them, but after menstruation, the nodules and pains The feeling will go away, but it will reappear before the next menstrual period.

4. Other symptoms of premenstrual discomfort

  In addition to the above-mentioned premenstrual symptoms, women may also experience pelvic depression, back pain, headache, irritability, irritability, and inability to concentrate. Generally mild, no treatment is required, and symptoms will disappear automatically after the onset of menstruation. However, some women have severe symptoms before the onset of menstruation, and even affect their normal work and life, commonly known as premenstrual syndrome.

Pre-menstrual women must-see diet conditioning methods

Diet conditioning:

  1. At the beginning of menstruation, women often feel lower back pain and do not want to eat. At this time, women should eat more appetizing and digestible foods, such as dates, noodles, barley porridge, etc.
  2. During the menstrual period, you must eat nutritious foods, and eat more easily digestible foods to facilitate the supplementation of nutrients. Drinking more water and eating more vegetables can keep the stool smooth, which can also reduce pelvic congestion.
  3. A lot of blood will be lost during the menstrual period. Female friends should pay attention to replenishing blood. In the late period of menstruation, they need to supplement more foods containing protein and iron, potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium, such as meat, animal liver, eggs, milk, etc.
  4. The diet in the week before menstrual cramps should be light, digestible and nutritious. You can eat more high-protein foods such as beans and fish, and increase green leafy vegetables and fruits. You should also drink more water to maintain smooth stools and reduce pelvic congestion.
  5. Do not eat irritating foods, such as peppers, before menstruation. At this time also have to pay attention to eat less fat, animal oil and sweets.
  6. Women should also avoid salty food when their menstrual period is approaching. We must know that salty food will increase the storage of salt and water in the body. Before menstruation, women are prone to edema and headaches. If you start eating low-salt foods 10 days before your menstrual period, you will not have the above symptoms.
  7. I believe that many women like to drink carbonated drinks, especially during menstruation. Many women who like to drink carbonated drinks will experience fatigue and lack of energy during menstruation, which is a manifestation of iron deficiency. Because soft drinks and other beverages mostly contain phosphates, which chemically react with iron in the body, making it difficult for iron to be absorbed.
  8. Irritant, spicy and cold food can easily cause the contraction of pelvic blood vessels, resulting in too little or even sudden stop of menstrual blood. In addition, it is best for women not to smoke and drink when going to the tide. If you do not pay attention to avoid these adverse stimuli, over time, dysmenorrhea or menstrual disorders will occur.

Auntie to pay attention

  1. Don’t catch cold, keep warm: keeping warm is the most important point in menstrual precautions. With the arrival of the aunt, various physiological levels and immune levels in menstrual girls are in a downward trend. If you catch cold at this time, it is easy to make blood flow. If it is not smooth, it will cause poor circulation of menstrual blood, and the adverse consequences of dysmenorrhea and soreness in the waist and abdomen will occur. Special reminder: Women who are still bathing in cold water during their menstrual period, don’t do this anymore. If you abuse your aunt like this, your aunt will come back to abuse you one day! And the girl who eats ice cream/drinks cold drinks during menstruation, you are the same.

  2. Drink brown sugar water and add more warming tonic: brown sugar is mild in taste, sweet in taste, and enters the liver and spleen meridians. It has the functions of nourishing qi, helping the spleen to transform food, nourishing blood and removing blood stasis, and also has the effect of dispelling cold and relieving pain. Therefore, women suffering from unfavorable menstruation, dysmenorrhea, dark red menstruation and cold abdominal pain caused by cold and blood stasis can often be treated and relieved by drinking some brown sugar water, and can quickly replenish physical strength.

  3. Pay attention to rest, and avoid staying up late: women must pay attention to their rest when their aunt comes, and ensure enough sleep time every day, so that their body and spirit should be well adjusted. At this time, if women have a A little bit of exertion can put a huge load on the body.

  4. Supplement physical strength and prevent physical weakness: many girls can’t eat or swallow during menstruation, and even feel disgusted with things, which will only make the body with low immunity during menstruation more weak. It is recommended to keep the humidity during this period. To supplement some nutrients, use some warm foods or high-calorie foods to supplement physical strength.

  5. Personal hygiene should not be ignored: During menstruation, girls will eliminate bad blood and garbage in their bodies. For this reason, they must pay attention to personal hygiene during menstruation. It is recommended that aunts’ towels must be changed every 8 hours to prevent bad blood from breeding bacteria and infecting the vagina , and pay attention to use hot water or lukewarm water for bathing during menstruation, try to choose a shower or a bath, and maintain personal hygiene at all times.