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Calcium Supplement Recipes for Babies


I often hear some parents talking about how to supplement calcium for their children. In fact, not all children need calcium supplementation, and calcium supplementation must be targeted. So, today we will talk about which children need calcium supplementation. What should I eat for calcium supplementation? What are the calcium supplementation recipes for children? Let’s take a look at the article to see what calcium supplementation methods are available for children!

When should calcium supplementation be required?

  People have different needs for calcium in different periods. So, how to supplement calcium and calcium? Let’s take a look at the article together!


  Infants and young children do not have much outdoor sports, have little chance of basking in the sun, and lack the conditions for their own production of vitamin D, so it is not conducive to calcium absorption. At this stage, not only calcium, but also vitamin D is required. Conducive to baby’s growth.

  Childhood to adolescence

  Children at this stage are at the peak of growth and development, and need a lot of nutrients every day. Children are not lacking in outdoor sports, but due to rapid growth, they need a large dose of calcium, and daily food can hardly meet the needs of children, so additional supplements are needed. calcium preparations.


  Although there is not much change in height between the age of 20 and 30, the bones will become thicker although they do not grow much, and people will grow stronger, so calcium deficiency is still indispensable.

  Prime years

  Although the body no longer grows and the bone density reaches its peak during the prime of life, calcium will gradually lose, and osteoporosis will easily occur after old age.

Calcium supplement recipes for babies 2 healthy height increase recipes for children

  I believe that many parents know that milk can help babies supplement calcium. In fact, there are many calcium supplement foods in addition to milk. Do you all know which foods can help babies supplement calcium? Let’s learn together with the editor Let’s take a look at the calcium-supplementing food with all the colors and flavors, mothers, come and see!

  • Pork Chop
  • Material
  • 500 grams of pork ribs, 1 egg, 60 grams of bread crumbs, 5 grams of pepper, a little cooking wine, salt, chicken essence, tomato sauce, and appropriate amount of vegetable oil.

  Mom is happy

  1. Wash the pork ribs and chop them into pieces; beat the eggs into a bowl and stir to break up.
  2. Put the pork ribs into a bowl, pour in the egg mixture, add salt, cooking wine, pepper, chicken essence, add bread crumbs and wrap it well for later use.
  3. Heat the vegetable oil in the pot, put in the pork chops one by one, fry them in medium rice until golden brown, remove them with a slotted spoon and put them on a plate, and drizzle with tomato sauce when eating.

  Nutrition Guidelines for Children

  Golden color, fresh and tender meat, crispy and delicious, pork chops can provide high-quality protein and fat necessary for human physiological activities, especially rich calcium can maintain bone health.

  • shredded bean curd
  • Material
  • 6 pieces of dried tofu, 100 grams of shredded pork, appropriate amount of broth, vegetable oil, chives, dried sea rice, minced ginger, minced green onion, cooking wine, starch, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, salt, and white sugar.

  Mom is happy

  1. Wash the dried tofu and cut it into shreds, scald it with boiling water, and drain the water for later use; soak the sea rice in boiling water; cut the leeks into 3 cm long sections; add cooking wine, salt and starch to the lean pork and mix well .
  2. Pour vegetable oil into the pot and heat it to 50% heat, add the lean pork and fry until cooked.
  3. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, stir fry minced ginger and green onion until fragrant, add broth, dried tofu, chives, shredded pork, dried shrimp and stir well, add salt, white sugar, monosodium glutamate and stir well, drizzle with sesame oil That’s it.

Do babies need calcium supplements in summer?

  Does the baby need calcium supplementation in summer? When young children are growing up, calcium supplementation is necessary. However, calcium supplementation for babies in summer must also have the correctness of principles and methods. In order for the baby to absorb calcium, what should the mother pay attention to?

  1. Calcium supplementation is required, because in the hot summer days of sweating, for children in the rapid development period, although sufficient sunlight will promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, promote calcium absorption, and accelerate bone growth. But the more sweat, the faster the metabolism, and the more vigorous the child’s growth and development. And the loss of sweat with sweat is not only water, but also valuable minerals such as calcium and zinc in the body. The calcium excreted from sweat is as much as 15mg every day. The accelerated loss of calcium can easily lead to disorders of children’s physical functions and adversely affect growth and development.
  2. At the same time, the hot weather in summer will also reduce the activity of digestive enzymes in children, resulting in decreased appetite. The originally weak functions of the spleen and stomach will gradually become unbalanced as the temperature continues to rise, and even symptoms of partial eclipse and anorexia will appear, which will seriously affect The supplement and absorption of nutrients in the daily diet, especially the intake of calcium, cannot meet the growth needs of children, so babies need calcium supplementation in summer.
  3. In summer, the weather is hot and the ultraviolet rays are strong. Because they are worried that the baby will suffer from heat stroke or skin damage, some parents will reduce the chance of taking the baby out or use sunscreen, so that the baby’s own synthesis of vitamin D will be relatively reduced, which is very unfavorable. Calcium is absorbed, so babies need calcium supplements in summer.

How to tell if your baby is calcium deficient

  1. These abnormal behaviors are really calcium deficiency

  Some mothers say that their baby always scratches his hair, pulls his ears, and sometimes bumps his head in his own cot. In fact, if the baby is not playing by himself, it is because the development of the inner ear is not balanced enough, and the baby always feels uncomfortable in the ear. . These conditions are not really calcium deficiency. The mother often takes the baby to swing and massage the ears, which will relieve a lot, and it will be better when the baby is older.

  2. Signs of calcium deficiency in babies

  Whether the baby is calcium deficient is actually a false proposition, because there is no specific clinical manifestation of calcium deficiency. What we can refer to is the complications caused by calcium deficiency. For example, the baby often sweats at night and is not because of too hot clothes, often cramps, inexplicable tantrums, and the fontanelle closes relatively late (the anterior fontanelle is basically closed before the age of 2, and the posterior fontanelle is basically closed in 6-8 weeks for babies) , are considered to be calcium deficiency. The most accurate thing is to go to the hospital to check the trace elements, whether it is really the so-called calcium deficiency. Don’t give your baby anything that supplements calcium. If you need supplementation, it is recommended that mothers eat a certain amount of calcium by themselves and increase the amount of calcium for the baby through breast milk.

  3. Do you really need calcium supplementation?

  So, why is calcium supplementation a false proposition? How do many children with rickets explain it? In fact, the full name of rickets is “vitamin D-deficiency rickets”, that is to say, whether your body’s calcium content is sufficient or not, this vitamin is not enough, Bones cannot absorb calcium. You must know that the calcium that the human body obtains from food is less than 10% of what the bones need, so for calcium absorption and to prevent rickets, it is right to supplement your baby with vitamin D.

  4. Calcium supplements are risky, mothers should pay attention

  Whether it is breast milk or formula milk, there is enough calcium for the growth of the baby. If the mother casually supplements calcium in private, instead of vitamin D, it is likely to cause the calcium accumulated in the baby’s intestines to combine with fatty acids into indigestible fatty acid calcium salts (commonly known as calcium soap), causing severe constipation in the baby!

Baby’s scientific method of calcium supplementation

  1. Food supplement calcium. Among the calcium supplement methods for babies, food supplements are the best, mainly because they do not have side effects like drugs. If the baby’s calcium deficiency is not very serious, you can pay attention to adding small shrimp, beans, fish and other foods to the usual diet. Eat less vegetables and other foods that affect calcium absorption.
  2. eat calcium supplements. Sometimes the baby can’t keep up with calcium supplementation by eating alone. The calcium deficiency of the baby is more serious, and it is necessary to take calcium supplements for the baby appropriately. When taking calcium, it should be noted that the absorption of different calcium is different, and the calcium content is also different.
  3. Do not mix calcium supplements with meals. Eating it together will affect the absorption of calcium, especially if the intake of oxalic acid is too much, it will greatly affect the absorption of calcium. Such as onions, amaranth, etc.
  4. Supplement calcium and cod liver oil at the same time. Cod liver oil is rich in vitamin D, which can promote the digestion and absorption of calcium in the baby, which is also very important. Cod liver oil can be eaten 1–2 per day.

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