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Bad Living Habits Affect Pregnancy


Young people think that they are young and in good health, so they often ignore their health, stay up late to work overtime, work hard, and socialize and have fun. However, if you have already begun to prepare for pregnancy, these habits must be stopped! Let us take a look at what the experts have to say, I hope this knowledge can help you in your life.

Habits to quit during pregnancy

  Now couples who are planning to conceive also know that they need to do pre-pregnancy work, and there are things that need to be paid attention to during pregnancy, so what are the habits that should be quit during pregnancy?

  1. Drinking

  More alcohol can affect the quality of sperm and eggs, and alcohol poisoned egg cells can combine with sperm to form deformed fetuses. And if the father drinks a lot for a long time, sexual dysfunction will occur, and 70% of the sperm will be underdeveloped or have poor swimming ability, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus.

  Reminder: Moms generally stop drinking 3 to 4 weeks before pregnancy; Dads are best not to drink too much in the first 2 months of the planned pregnancy, and never touch alcohol in the first week.

  2. Smoking

  Nicotine has the effect of reducing the secretion of sex hormones and killing sperm, it will affect the development of germ cells and embryos, resulting in fetal deformities. No matter how addicted you are, quit smoking for the sake of your baby.

  Reminder: expectant mothers and fathers had better get rid of the bad habit of smoking 3 months or half a year before planning to conceive.

  3. Drink coffee

  Mothers who had a habit of drinking coffee before pregnancy, that is, drinking more than 4 cups a day, had a 30% increase in the rate of premature birth and a 20% increase in the probability of miscarriage. At the same time, coffee will also inhibit the activity of sperm. It is better for mothers and fathers who are planning to have babies to drink less!

  Reminder: It’s best not to drink it one month before pregnancy, but it’s okay to drink a little occasionally, don’t overdo it.

  4. Diet

  Weight loss is a fad, but couples who want a baby should not go on a free diet. Like a partial eclipse, this can cause deficiencies in certain nutrients and reduce the vitality of sperm and eggs. Moreover, pre-pregnancy nutritional deficiencies can also affect the embryonic development that has just formed in the first trimester, as well as breast development. If you lose weight by taking diet pills, it is easy to cause pregnancy poisoning and cause fetal malformation, and it is absolutely impossible!

  Five, partial eclipse

  In order to give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby, do not have a partial eclipse before pregnancy. If the mother is malnourished before pregnancy, it may lead to infertility, or cause the first-time baby to develop stunting. The father’s sperm survival requires more high-quality protein, calcium, zinc and other minerals and trace elements. If these nutrients are lacking, it will be detrimental to the baby’s growth.

  The above is an introduction to the habits that should be quit during pregnancy. You should know it now. I hope this article is helpful to you. Don’t ignore the attention during pregnancy. I hope that no couple can realize their desire to become parents.

Bad living habits affect pregnancy

  eating habits

  Many women of reproductive age always think that nutrition is a matter of pregnancy. However, before pregnancy, changes in eating habits and adjustment of nutritional status are very useful for conception.

  In addition, if the mother-to-be is underweight, it will affect fetal development and postpartum lactation. When preparing for pregnancy, you should be careful not to overnutrition while ensuring nutrition, so as to avoid excessive nutrition and avoid obesity.

  A good diet is an important guarantee for the body reserve of women of childbearing age. The nutrients contained in different foods are not the same, and the content is not the same. Therefore, you should be careful not to have a partial eclipse, or excessive intake of certain foods, and try to eat assorted foods to ensure a balanced and comprehensive nutrition.

  Among them, the caffeine contained in coffee will change the ratio of estrogen and progesterone in women, thereby indirectly inhibiting the implantation and development of fertilized eggs in the uterus. Tea and chocolate also contain caffeine, so you should eat less.

  In addition, women who are preparing to become pregnant should pay attention not to eat all kinds of pickled sauerkraut, because it is rich in nitrosamines that cause embryonic distortion; try to use iron pans or stainless steel products for cooking utensils, avoid using aluminum products and colored enamel products to avoid Prevent aluminum and lead elements from causing damage to human cells; food pollution caused by various reasons should be avoided.

  smoking or not

  The study found that the number of normal sperm in male smokers decreased by an average of about 10%. If you smoke 21 to 30 cigarettes per day, the incidence of abnormal sperm will increase significantly, and if you smoke more than 30 cigarettes, the incidence of abnormal sperm will be higher. The longer you smoke, the more abnormal sperm, and as the number of normal sperm decreases, the sperm motility also decreases.

  This not only reduces the conception rate, but also affects the quality of the offspring. The birth rate of congenitally deformed children of pregnant women whose husbands smoke is about 2.5 times higher than that of women whose husbands are non-smokers. Pregnant women also inhale tar and nicotine floating in the air if their husbands smoke without avoiding it. If both couples smoke, the fetus will suffer even more.

  There are actually not a few women who are addicted to tobacco and alcohol, especially professional women. But when you’re pregnant, neither smoking nor alcohol is harmful. Smoking and alcohol abuse will greatly affect the health of expectant mothers, and will harm the fetus at the same time.

  Cigarettes contain many harmful substances such as nicotine, which enter the fetus through the placenta, causing mild carbon monoxide poisoning in the fetus, resulting in insufficient oxygen content in the maternal blood, and may also endanger the life of the fetus in severe cases. From the survey data, it was found that the incidences of miscarriage, premature birth, intrauterine growth retardation, stillbirth and neonatal death in pregnant women with smoking habits were higher than those in non-smoking pregnant women; Also more than the average pregnant woman.

  Therefore, couples should quit smoking before pregnancy if they plan to have children. As a mother-to-be, first of all, you should not smoke yourself, and at the same time, you should also urge the father-to-be not to smoke, not to go to smoky entertainment places, and to provide a clean living environment for the baby in the womb.

  living environment

  During the preparation period before pregnancy, it is necessary to stay away from chemicals, except for pesticides and other chemicals with strong odors, etc., but also avoid entering and exiting in newly renovated places, especially in home environments, workplaces and other environments that require long-term stay. . Because the chemical components in paints and paints can easily cause fetal developmental malformations and lead to miscarriage.

  The harm caused by some environmental problems may be long-term, and the direct reaction will lead to the miscarriage of the fetus during pregnancy; while some diseases have a certain incubation period and cannot be observed in the near future, and some congenital diseases may not be discovered until the baby is older. sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, the impact of the living environment and drinking water environment on the mother is very important, and the mother should pay attention to it from the beginning of pregnancy.

  In addition, if a woman’s work environment has to face a lot of computers, it is recommended to start wearing radiation protection clothing during pregnancy, because when you find out that you are pregnant, the early embryos have actually formed, so radiation protection clothing should be timely. Put on. During the entire pregnancy, especially the first 3 months of pregnancy, special attention should be paid to radiation protection.

  At the same time, there are many household items that also produce radiation, including refrigerators, microwave ovens, televisions, etc. Some white-collar women use computers when they come home after work. Doctors recommend that the time to use computers should not exceed 4 hours a day.

  It should be emphasized that men who are planning to conceive should also be protected from radiation, because as long as either the sperm or the egg is not good, it will have an impact on the baby, and in severe cases, it will cause gene mutation, resulting in poor embryonic development and miscarriage. Expectant fathers should also pay special attention to radiation protection 3 months before pregnancy, because the entire production cycle of sperm is 3 months.

  degree of obesity

  The Baylor University School of Medicine in Houston, Texas, recently published a study that found that children born to obese mothers may be more obese due to the inheritance of obesity genes.

  Being overweight or obese is an unfavorable factor for pregnancy and childbirth, as well as a risk factor for gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes and other diseases. However, some women are obese, and they are overly worried that their body shape will change after pregnancy, so they restrict their food intake. This practice is not good, it will cause excessive consumption of body fat and increase ketone bodies, which will be detrimental to the healthy development of the fetus after conception.

  Therefore, if women of childbearing age who are relatively obese are planning to become pregnant, they should not restrict their eating and lose weight blindly. They should achieve or approach their ideal weight as much as possible before pregnancy through reasonable nutrition and appropriate physical exercise.

  Women are too fat to get pregnant, and even if they are pregnant, there will be various risks. Excessive obesity in expectant mothers can lead to increased complications during pregnancy. The main cause is gestational hypertension, with a prevalence of 50%. Another major complication is gestational diabetes, which is four times more common in obese expectant mothers than in normal expectant mothers. In addition, obesity greatly increases the possibility of miscarriage, dystocia and stillbirth for expectant mothers, and the neonatal mortality rate is also significantly higher than that of normal-weight neonates.

  Therefore, if women of childbearing age who are relatively obese are planning to become pregnant, they should not restrict their eating and lose weight blindly. They should achieve or approach their ideal weight as much as possible before pregnancy through reasonable nutrition and appropriate physical exercise.

Four misunderstandings about preparing for pregnancy

  What are the misunderstandings of pregnancy preparation? We all know that there are many infertility problems now, and many of them are afraid of themselves. They are more planned for fertility, and they will also do pregnancy preparations, but there are some misunderstandings. Let’s introduce pregnancy preparations mistake.

  What are the mistakes of preparing for pregnancy

  Misunderstanding 1. If we have enough sex, we will be able to get pregnant

  Unless your husband is having problems with his sperm, you can have as much sex as possible. But you have to remember that there are only a few days in each month that can improve your chances of conceiving, and that is your ovulation period. Unfortunately, you may not be able to ovulate every time, so timing is important.

  Myth 2: You can conceive a child as long as you stop contraception

  Many women wonder why their “good friends” still arrive every month after they stop conceiving. In fact, for most couples, they rarely succeed in the first month of trying to conceive. And a healthy couple has only a 1 in 4 chance of conceiving each menstrual cycle.

  Myth 3: If we don’t get pregnant after months of trying, something must be wrong

  According to the American Society for Fertility Drugs, a couple can be defined as infertile only after a year of unsuccessful attempts to conceive. So there is still a long time to try slowly within a year, and don’t worry, about 80% of couples are able to conceive within a year of trying.

  Myth 4: We are both healthy and we cannot have infertility problems

  You may think your body looks healthy, but that doesn’t mean your fertility is also healthy. Many men and women with severe infertility problems do not have any manifestations elsewhere in the body. Of course, an unhealthy body is also a serious threat to infertility, but it does not mean infertility.

Prevent fallopian tube blockage and prepare for pregnancy

  What is the treatment method for tubal blockage? The fallopian tube is very fragile. Women who do not pay attention to hygiene or have poor habits in life are likely to cause infection. Under the long-term stimulation of chronic inflammation, it may cause interstitial blockage of the fallopian tube and fallopian tube. Disorders of the fallopian tubes, such as distal hydrops, adhesions and wrapping of the fimbria of the fallopian tubes. Fallopian tube blockage is one of them, and many female friends have suffered from it or are suffering from it. How to prevent fallopian tube blockage is very important.

1.    Prevent improper gynecological operations

  For example, during curettage, tubal drainage, upper ring (sheung ring [translation]: is a small operation, a foreign body is placed in the uterine cavity, it needs a process for the body to adapt, and it can be used for long-term contraception) and other types of uterus The measures of cavity operation to prevent infection are not strict, and it is easy to damage the reproductive organs and cause infection.

2.      Actively treat inflammation of the reproductive system

  Endometritis ascending infection, involving inflammation of adjacent tissues and organs can also be seen in suppurative appendicitis, peritonitis, abdominal surgery and so on. Inflammation spreads to the fallopian tube, so try to prevent the adverse factors of the operation and strengthen the prevention of fallopian tube blockage.

3.      Pay attention to hygiene

  Mainly should be in the prevention of vaginitis, endometritis, etc., to prevent infection of fallopian tube infectious diseases. In particular, vaginal infection is the key to many reproductive system diseases. Another important link is to pay attention to sexual hygiene and prevent fallopian tube blockage.

4.      Prevent vaginal infections

  Vaginal infection is the source of blockage of fallopian tubes. Due to the ascending infection of the disease, women suffer from various diseases and eventually endanger the fallopian tubes. Therefore, to prevent blockage of fallopian tubes, we must first block the source of the disease and prevent vaginal infection. Do a good job in the hygiene of married life, pay attention to cleaning the private parts, if your partner has an excessive foreskin, be sure to open it when cleaning. The best way to keep your private parts dry is to change your underwear frequently. From a medical standpoint, loose cotton panties with good ventilation are much better than the current tights and slimming panties. Usually pay attention to hygiene, but do not “too” clean. Wash the vulva with water every day. Do not abuse lotions, and do not use drugs to lavage the vagina.

5.      Be cautious about artificial abortion

  First of all, do contraception and try to avoid abortion. A lot of fallopian tube obstruction is caused by irregular abortion, even regular abortion should not be done frequently, otherwise it will also increase the chance of infection. Abortion surgery refers to the use of artificial methods to terminate the pregnancy, which will not affect fertility under normal circumstances. However, if the doctor does not operate properly during the operation, it will cause leakage of suction, incomplete abortion, uterine perforation, etc., and also lead to blockage of the female fallopian tubes, which will affect future pregnancy. In order to minimize the impact of painless abortion on the body, it is best to do the following: usually do a good job of contraception, minimize the chance of unintended pregnancy, and avoid frequent abortions. Abortion surgery should be performed in a sterile environment. Let an experienced and skilled physician do the flow of people. Go to a regular gynecological hospital to do it will not. Regular hospitals have advanced professional technology, good equipment, and relatively good professional ethics of doctors.

6.      Prevent inflammation

  Such as pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine inflammation, vaginitis, etc., can easily lead to blockage of the fallopian tubes. The main reasons for the blockage of fallopian tubes are salpingitis and endometritis, so women usually need to actively prevent these inflammations. What’s more important is that once you find the symptoms of these diseases, you should seek medical attention in time, and don’t drag the minor diseases into incurable infertility.

7.      Seek medical attention in time

  Leucorrhea: Patients with blocked fallopian tubes will have symptoms of increased leucorrhea. Not only that, but some patients will also have abnormal leucorrhea, with changes in the color, quality, character, and smell of leucorrhea.

  Menstruation: Increased blood volume during menstruation.

  Abdominal: Some women with blocked fallopian tubes usually experience lower abdominal pain. According to the location of the blocked fallopian tubes, the patient’s abdominal pain location is also different. Generally, it can be manifested as pain on one side of the abdomen or on both sides. In addition to abdominal pain, some women have a feeling of lower abdomen.

  Low back: lumbosacral pain, low back pain and other phenomena, some women will mistakenly think that there is a problem with the lumbar spine. Even if these conditions are not blocked fallopian tubes, it is an inflammation problem in the female body, so you must seek medical attention in time.

Don’t eat these if you are not in a good state of pregnancy

  Some couples are not in a good state of pregnancy, but they are struggling to find the reason. Did you know? Some foods are often eaten by young people, but they are the “murderers” that lead to poor pregnancy preparations and kill sperm. The following foods may be the cause of infertility!

  A number of sexologists from Canada and the United States have jointly listed a list of harmful things, and these things may affect hormone secretion and reduce sexual impulses, or kill sperm, reduce pregnancy rates, and cause infertility. Experts said that in order to better prepare for pregnancy, it is necessary to scientifically understand these things.

  1. Refined staple food. Grains lose a lot of nutrients during the finishing process, including those that boost libido. Whole wheat flour, for example, loses three-quarters of its zinc content when it is processed into refined flour, a mineral that plays a vital role in male libido and reproductive function. Too little intake of this mineral can lead to infertility.
  2. Microwave popcorn. Popcorn bags contain PFOA, which not only reduces libido, but can also cause prostate problems in men. liquor. A small amount of wine can make men and women quickly enter a state of passion, but excessive libido can destroy men’s erectile function and sexual arousal. Beer, in particular, contains phytoestrogens in the hops used to make beer, which can reduce sexual desire in both men and women, thereby inducing infertility.
  3. Soybean products. According to a study by the Center for Food Safety in the United States, most soybeans on the market are genetically modified foods. Too much soybeans in women’s diets will reduce estrogen secretion and damage ovarian function. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that eating only half a serving of soy food a day can reduce the sperm count of healthy men by 40% and induce infertility.
  4. Canned food. Canned foods are high in sodium, which can lead to increased blood pressure and reduced blood flow to certain areas of the body, including the reproductive organs, which can lead to infertility. Eating chocolate can reverse this damage because non-alkaline coughs contain high amounts of flavonoids, compounds that boost the body’s production of nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels.

Experts say that adopting scientific conditioning methods, eating more nutrient-rich foods that are helpful for pregnancy, and rejecting junk food and spermicidal food is the most correct way to prepare for pregnancy. Let the body reach the best pregnancy preparation state as soon as possible, and upgrading parents is not a dream!

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