Carrots Health Benefits


All fruit and veg contain antioxidant compounds needed to protect and repair cell damage caused by free radicals. The common carrot is among the very best antioxidant rich foods you can eat, and provide significant cardiovascular and cancer fighting benefits. As well as the antioxidant nutrient ‘beta-carotene’ that this vegetable is best known for, it contains … Read more

Which Fruits Have the Most Sugar

Which Fruits Have the Most Sugar

Fruit is good for you! It contains the fiber and other nutrients you need. But they also contain natural sugar, and some have more than others. For example, one mango contains 46 grams of sugar – which is not your best choice if you are trying to monitor your weight or how much sugar you … Read more

Flaxseed – A Complete Food Source?


Flaxseed has been described as a ‘complete food source’ and is a must-have addition to any healthy diet. It is a naturally sourced, sustainable, nutrient-dense seed. I love it, and I eat it as often as I can. Here’s why.. It tastes great. It fills you up. It’s easy to add to other foods. Flaxseed contains little else other … Read more

How Improving Your Flexibility Could Save You From Years of Pain

stretching and Flexibility

Stretching and flexibility may very well be the most least understood aspects of exercise and fitness, and yet could have the most significant impact on our health, especially as we get older. Got to admit – I’m about as flexible as a dry twig… and despite my good intentions, I’m actually getting worse! One of … Read more

Is Obesity a Disease Or a Lifestyle Choice


Last year the American Medical Association (AMA) declared that obesity is now officially a disease. With approximately 1 in 3 Americans considered clinically obese, this decision was always going to come sooner rather than later. Supporters of the decision claim it will help with how obesity is perceived – as an illness/disease, rather than through overeating … Read more

Vegan and veganism – just words or a way of life?

Vegan and veganism

At the article will take a detailed look at the diet known as veganism, possible ways to switch to it, frequently asked questions and its ethical component. Veganism: the origin of the term It is believed that in 1944 Donald Watson (Donald Watson, 1910-2005) organized the first “Society of Vegans” in England, and then all … Read more

What is the benefits of eating kiwi


Kiwifruit or kiwi is known as the king of fruits it contains a lot of fruit acids, which can inhibit the cohesion of keratinocytes and the precipitation of melanin. The health benefits of eating kiwi fruit regularly are: Antioxidant, Effectively eliminate or lighten dark spots, Improve dry or oily skin, Have the effect of beauty … Read more

Does banana have more sugar than kiwi?

kiwi banana

The sugar content of kiwi fruit is relatively low, its sugar content is about 4% to 7%. Fruits with a sugar content between 8% and 10% are pears, lemons, cherries, cantaloupe, grapes, peaches, pineapples, etc. The fruits with a sugar content of between 9% and 13% are apples, apricots, figs, Oranges, grapefruits, lychees, etc. Fruits … Read more

How skinny people gain weight fast?

gain weight

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to weight management. Fat people want to lose weight, and skinny people want to gain weight fast. Thin people, everyone wants to pass Fitness or nutritional intervention to increase the weight of your muscles can make yourself not look so skinny, and even everyone is doing everything … Read more

Male Vasectomy – My Story and What You Need To Know


At the time of writing this article I have approximately 2 days and 2 hours before I’m scheduled to undergo a vasectomy. Not like I’m counting or anything! By the time you read this, the procedure will have already taken place (touch wood, it all went well!) I thought it might be useful to others … Read more