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Are you using the correct usage of wet powder?

Pressed powder is a kind of women’s cosmetics. It has a good concealer effect. It is divided into dry powder and wet powder. Different types of powder have different concealer effects and application methods. So how to use wet powder correctly? Let’s take a look at what the experts have to say about the knowledge, … Continue reading Are you using the correct usage of wet powder?


Pressed powder is a kind of women’s cosmetics. It has a good concealer effect. It is divided into dry powder and wet powder. Different types of powder have different concealer effects and application methods. So how to use wet powder correctly? Let’s take a look at what the experts have to say about the knowledge, I hope it can help you.

The powder cake doesn’t work if you use it

  Regarding the different types of powder, it is not a random choice. The key is to understand your skin type and choose the right powder to create a satisfactory makeup effect.

  1. If you have dry skin or sensitive skin, you should use wet and dry powder


  The characteristics of this type of skin are: the T-zone is not shiny, the skin is dry and slightly red. Yellowish, uneven skin tone. If you use ordinary powder, it will easily cause the makeup to be less docile and cause agglomeration. As for the wet and dry powder, the wet results are better, they are more docile to the skin, and the covering power results are stronger when dry.

  Therefore, for MM with dry skin or sensitive skin, you should choose wet and dry powder, which is convenient for makeup and smooth. After setting makeup, spritz on a moisturizing spray to enhance skin hydration.

  In addition, it is best to choose a shade that is whiter than the natural color, which will brighten and even out the skin tone, and modify the overall color of the skin.

  Wet tips:

  After applying the base makeup, first wet the puff, let the puff be 80% wet, then dip a little powder and rub it on the skin with a tap. Start from the T-zone and wipe the entire face from the inside out. Pay attention to the freckles and uneven skin tone by pressing several times to cover the freckles. The lower eyelid and nose can not be rubbed too much to avoid a heavy feeling. Finally, gently tap the face with a clean sponge to blend the foundation with the skin and improve the long-lasting adhesion of the powder.

  2. If you have oily skin or combination skin, you should use powder powder


  The characteristics of this type of skin: there are distinct pores, the T-zone is prone to oil, and the cheeks are dry. Dark complexion with freckles or pimple marks.

  The characteristics of the powder cake: fine powder, prevent the makeup from being too thick, adjust the skin tone, and not shine for a long time.

  Regarding oily skin or combination skin, you must pay attention to the choice of powder. Because the skin is prone to oily and makeup removal, the powder powder has a finer texture than ordinary powder cakes, which can quickly fit the skin without thick makeup, not easy to shine, and achieve a natural makeup feel. You can also use a powder brush, dip in the powder and brush from the center of the face to the entire face.

  In addition, don’t choose a powder that is too white, otherwise the concealer will not be clear, and the face will have a color block.

  After dipping in the powder, hold the brush diagonally, remember not to powder the front of the bristles. The brush should be slanted to make it easier for the powder to adhere to the skin. Start with the powder on the forehead, dip it in once, and brush it back and forth twice, and then brush it to the bridge of the nose to the cheeks. After wiping the whole face, you can gently dip a small amount of the powder on the face, wipe the whole face once, and finally set the makeup, which can make the skin delicate and smooth.

  Choose powder according to your skin tone

  1. Yellowish skin tone: soft ivory

  The soft ivory color will not be too white, it can naturally brighten the overall skin tone, and has the result of adjusting the skin tone, and the skin can be naturally fair. If you use pure ivory first, the color contrast of the face will increase, and the skin tone will be unnatural.

  2. Fair skin tone: natural or pink

  The natural color neutralizes fair skin tones, making it look radiant and not dead white. Ivory color cannot be used, because ivory itself is relatively white, which will make the skin color less bloody, similar to wearing a mask, and the color difference with the neck will increase.

  3. Dull complexion: yellow

  The color of the yellow powder is soft and white, which can brighten dull skin, cover freckles, and present a natural fair skin. Do not use natural colors, which are easy to cause flowery makeup and will increase dullness.

How to use the powder correctly to make the makeup last?

  Use a nourishing foundation and a moisturizing liquid foundation before makeup. In this way, the powder can make the makeup last, the water and oil balance, and it is not easy to take off the makeup.

  1. First confirm the amount of powder puff dipped in powder cake

  The amount of powder puff dipped in the powder is the standard for one time (about 1/3 of the puff), and the powder is dipped in the pressing method;

  2. Make powder from the cheeks

  Rub the powder from the inner side to the outer side of the cheek, dip the powder in the amount of step 1, first apply to the smilax muscle, wipe it evenly, then dip the powder into the powder and extend it to both sides of the cheek;

  Dip the powder once, first wipe the top of the eyelid, wipe with a gentle patting technique, do not apply too much force, and then extend it to the temple position. There is no need to re-dip the powder at the inner corner of the eye, the eyelids are thin, and the remaining powder will be wiped naturally;

  4. From the bottom up to the forehead area

  After wiping an area, re-dip the powder, rub upward from between the eyebrows, and wipe the forehead from the bottom to the top, especially pay attention to the position of the bun, do not rub it thickly, and avoid a bright color difference with the scalp;

  5. From top to bottom on the bridge and alar of the nose

  Start wiping from the center of the eyebrows to the nose, and cover the pores on the nose from top to bottom. The nose wing is a convenient position for oil, and it can be more compact by pressing;

  6. Under the lips and both cheeks

  When rubbing under the lips, the puff should be folded in half after dipping in the powder. The powder will not be so thick when applying makeup, because the skin around the lips is darker and the powder is too thick, which will give the feeling of a fake face. When applying the powder on the cheeks, pay attention to extending to the neck and ears to achieve overall skin tone harmony.

​Are you using the correct usage of wet powder?

  Pressed powder is a kind of women’s cosmetics. It has a good concealer effect. It is divided into dry powder and wet powder. Different types of powder have different concealer effects and usage methods. So how to use wet powder correctly?

  What is a wet powder?

  Contains moisturizing ingredients to prevent dryness and dehydration on the face after application. Wet powder has the best concealment effect, but its makeup is the most fake. Dry powder has limited concealment effect, but the makeup is very natural. Mainly suitable for dry skin, people aged 28-29 years old.

  Classification of wet powder:

  There are 2 kinds of wet powder, one contains moisturizing ingredients, which prevents dryness and dehydration on the face after application. There is also a dry and wet 2 use, that is, it can be used dry and wet the puff with water, then wring out the puff and then apply powder, which also plays the role of moisturizing.

  How to use wet powder:

  Which one to use first depends on your skin type and age, dry powder is suitable for oily and combination skin, around 28 years old, people with non-dry skin, wet powder is suitable for dry skin, people aged 28, 29, and later Use to prevent dry skin. 

There are two types of powders that we usually refer to, dual-purpose powders and dry powders. Dual-purpose powder can be used wet or dry. When using it wet, dip the puff in water and squeeze out 70% of the water, and then dab the powder and rub it, so that the powder is not much different from the liquid foundation, but be careful to observe it while applying the powder, and don’t apply it too thickly.

When applying makeup, the powder cannot be used alone, it must be used after the liquid foundation, otherwise it will easily fall off, resulting in a variegated effect.

Powder makeup tips

  Makeup tips: It depends on using an appropriate amount of foundation, and the use of sponge is also very serious. You can use gentle gestures to quickly push it outwards, while the small parts are folded in half with the sponge to press lightly, and the U-shaped part can be slightly thicker, T The word part can be slightly lighter to create a three-dimensional effect.

  • Gently dab the powder with a sponge, in several portions.
  • The order of application can be from the U-shaped area first, then the T-shaped area, and finally around the eyes, nose and lips.
  • From the center outwards, spread the foundation lightly along the skin texture, or gently apply the powder to the skin by dabbling.
  • Fold the sponge in half around the eyes and nose, and press lightly with the tip of the foundation.
  • Finally, check the face and neck for any color difference.
  • Lastly, use a clean sponge to gently push once more to fully adhere the foundation, and check the face and neck for any color difference.

How to correct the misunderstanding of powder use

  Point 1: Never try applying foundation on your hands

  This is a mistake women all over the world are making. The foundation is applied to your cheeks, not your arms. These two areas have different skin thicknesses and subcutaneous fat, and the texture of the foundation is completely different, so we can’t go wrong.

  Point 2. No foundation is right for you to use all year round

  You need at least two different shades of foundation to blend with your skin tone to deal with your changing skin tone.

  Point 3, light-colored concealer will make your shortcomings more obvious

  Many women like to use lighter shades of concealer to cover dark circles. In fact, most of them will disappoint you, not because the product is not good enough, but we must learn to use the same tone as your skin.

  Point 4, powder makeup phobia

  Many girls are afraid that foundation will block the pores, but remember that almost all the foundations of major brands today have the function of skin care products, so there is no need to worry about skin damage. Instead, the damage to your skin caused by external pollution and the environment is completely beyond your imagination.

  Point 5. The powder has the function of protecting the skin and is the bodyguard of women

  The way a woman touches up with a delicate pressed powder looks sexy to me. Those inadvertent eyes and state all revealed the joy of being a woman and the sole respect of a woman for her own pleasure. Whether you are professional or not, your skin will instantly become smooth and delicate! It’s like rebirth! Its appearance is really a savior for women. Similarly, the tone of the powder should be consistent with the tone of your skin.

  I believe that many people have such a confusion when applying makeup-that is, the foundation is either wearing a mask on the face, or the skin looks severely dry and even has obvious bursting phenomenon. And above, we also introduced those who are wrong to use foundation. For these problems, we invite professional makeup artists to teach us the secrets of applying foundation.

  Q: When the skin is dry, how to avoid applying foundation and aggravating the phenomenon of dry skin?

  A: The skin appears dry and dry, mainly because the keratin is too thick. Therefore, only by removing these old waste keratin can we get smooth and tender skin. It is recommended that you should exfoliate regularly, and moisturizing is also very important. Only skin that is sufficiently hydrated can create a flawless effect after applying foundation.

  Solution: Apply a moisturizing lotion before applying foundation, and massage fully to make skin absorb. Then use your fingers or palms to evenly apply the liquid foundation, because the texture of the fingers and palms is closest to the facial skin, so the foundation is more suitable for the skin.

  Q: My skin is too dry and I’m afraid of aggravating dry lines. Does it mean that I don’t need loose powder to set makeup after applying liquid foundation?

  A: Actually, this is a misunderstanding of many people. It is wrong to think that if your skin is very dry, you don’t need to set makeup after applying liquid foundation. You don’t need to set makeup for a short period of time, but if the makeup lasts for a long time, it is easy to spend. You can choose a transparent loose powder (loose powder without concealer effect) to set makeup, which can avoid aggravating dry lines and make makeup more durable.

The difference between concealer and powder

  1. The difference between concealer and powder

  Powder cake, a cake-like solid cosmetic product made by mixing and pressing a variety of powder raw materials (including pigments) and binders (oil components), with the functions of covering, adhering, spreading, imparting color, and modifying, depending on the use The different methods are divided into dry, wet and dry and wet dual-use types. Such products have a cooling feeling and are mostly used in summer.

  Such products have a cooling feeling and are mostly used in summer. The pressed powder creates a soft matte texture. The charm of pressed powders is their smooth, light touch. The compact compact is not only easy to carry when going out, but also convenient to use. But the disadvantage is that the sponge is easy to get too much powder, resulting in too thick application. So pay attention to the amount when using, try to apply lighter and thinner.

  Concealer can be considered a type of foundation. The difference is that the concealer has better covering power than ordinary foundation, and it is more suitable for the skin, and it is not easy to remove makeup for a long time. Everyone’s face has flaws of one kind or another, and using concealer can make your face look smooth and detailed. There are usually three types of concealer: liquid, cream and stick. Liquid and strip concealers have better coverage, but you must be skilled in applying makeup; cream concealers have lower coverage, but because of their refreshing texture, it is easy to create a natural makeup look.

  2. How to use concealer

  Everyone’s face will have some big or small blemishes, how to cover up the blemishes of the skin subtly?

  The tools you should have: Eyeliner brush, which can pick up the right amount of concealer and apply it precisely to the parts that need to be concealed.

  Triangle Puff: The most suitable for dipping liquid concealer, it can easily spread the concealer.

  3. The effect of powder cake

  Superior coverage, grooming, liposuction, sun protection. Strong adsorption capacity, not easy to remove makeup, liposuction and sunscreen effect, will bring you a bright, smooth, flawless, refreshing and non-sticky healthy complexion. Can be used as a base makeup, dry and wet according to the season and your own skin condition, according to the weight of the product, it has the functions of balancing skin tone, concealer, moisturizing and nourishing

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